2 main pillars of a placement test

Placement tests currently form the first step in getting hired to any well-known company in India. Both business organizations, as well candidates are aware of this fact. Yet, very less known about their content. Being aware of the main pillars of a placement test. is essential for examinees to practice well.

They are:

Aptitude Tests:

This section is filled with questions that test a specific set of skills of the candidate. It is again divided into categories including, grammar, reasoning and mathematical skills. Most companies try to assess a candidate on analytical and decision -making skills.  Vocabulary, reading & language skills are a part of the grammatical questions, to measure your effectiveness in communication. Also included are some basic mathematical skills, with problems that focus on applying simple concepts to complex situations.  

Technical Tests:

IT companies form the core sector of employers. These companies conduct technical tests  on specific  areas of the student’s specialization such as electronics, mechanical and civil engineering. The technical skills as well as the subject knowledge of candidates are realized well in this section. These tests measure your technical skills and subject knowledge. The intention is to hire skilled individuals and not those with mere theoretical knowledge of their subjects.

In short, placement tests do not test how much a student knows of the subject; but rather, how well he or she can use the same knowledge. Hence, it is strongly recommended that a candidate practices well for a placement test.

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