Tricks for clearing Tech Mahindra


Let’s look at clearing Tech Mahindra’s papers. In the four selection rounds, let us focus on clearing the first two written test rounds.

Tricks in Clearing Aptitude Test

  • Aptitude test has 7 sections and number of questions are 75. Time limit is 50 mins. So first target to clear cutoff in your favorite sections and then focus on not so confident sections. Make sure you get more than 50% in all the sections.
  • Don’t waste your time in tough questions. You can solve it later on. All questions carry equal marks.
  • The difficulty level of the questions is easy. Hence, be cool and focused during the examination. The result will be in your favor.
  • If many questions are pending to be solved, you can quickly attempt with some random selection. There are no negative marks. Hence, you can benefit with some marks.

Tricks in Clearing Story Writing

  • If you clear the 1st Round, then there is more than 70% chance of getting the Job offer. But, you cannot take it lightly in this competitive environment.
  • You have to complete 200 words story based on image in 15 mins. So, better practice is the key. Use PlacementSeason’s Writing Skills Assessment Tool again and again to improve your English writing skills. Know more..
  • Try to speak English the way you write it. Spoken English is pretty relaxed and you can get away with grammatical errors most of the time, but it pays to speak correctly. Hence, the golden rule would be to talk just the way you would write it.
  • In other way, check the sentence you speak in our tool. If you constantly focus, you can get the grip on English in month’s time.

Whatever trick you follow, without enough practice you will not get the confidence in getting selected. Its better you practice with our Tech Mahindra Mock Tests.


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