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Last chance to get your copy of “Quant Formula Book For Placement”.

We are in the final stages of Loyalty week. Our loyal customers receive this ebook gift from us for their purchases till 2nd October. Your last opportunity to own this book, which will be beneficial for your last minute quant preparation. We will never extend this deadline beyond 2nd October.

Why you should own this book?

First of all, this ebook is specifically designed for placement preparations. Any other quant book in the market cannot compete with this. Our expert team has designed the quant ebook very useful for faster preparation. To understand the different quant based questions in different companies, visit

How to use this book?

The best way to use is practicing along with mock tests. When you have doubt in a problem, go to the relevant section and identify the suitable formula. You can also take some random quant questions and try to relate the appropriate formula from the book.

This is a tool for placement help. A tool can be of help only if you use it wisely. Do more quant practice again and again. You can identify the mock tests with quant section in this link. It can be very well used along with our free mock tests and other mock tests present in




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