Placement tests – what are those?

The question that arises in the mind of every student and parent after college is, what next?

Some may wish to go study further, while a majority of these students look forward to their first jobs. This has become easier recently, with a number of major companies conducting campus recruitment rounds. Hence, a large number of students can directly get placed, after completing their graduation.

But wait!

Jobs do not come on a silver platter. These companies are looking for qualified individuals with an extra set of skills, that are set apart from academic knowledge. Now it is for this purpose that employers conduct placement interviews before the personal interview processes.

So what are placement tests? Placement tests usually have three rounds:

  • Written Tests
  • Oral Communication
  • Technical Rounds

Written tests are conducted online to test the aptitude of students, in topics covering English and Mathematics. Thus candidates can be recruited for matching roles in the company. Each company has its own model of a placement test. The basic structure will be the same. But the marks allotted for each section of the test and their respective difficulty, will vary.

This can prove to be a challenge for first-timers as they will have no idea on what to expect in such placement test papers. For most companies, the written test round defines at least an 80% chance of getting employed. Hence, a students needs to have have prior practice on such placement test papers.

PlacementSeason has the perfect solution for this. We have done a lot of research, collected data and thus have prepared practice placement test papers on the placement test patterns of major companies. Colleges and students can access these question papers from our website, to make assessment before attending interviews. Visit to know more.

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