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Like most companies, Accenture too has a number of rounds within its recruitment process. The Aptitude Test for Accenture’s hiring process is held by MeritTrac. The pattern for this test has remained unchanged for some time. The test is a linear test and has no negative marking for wrong answers. Also, the test has no section for quantitative ability and instead focuses on testing an applicant on his verbal, analytical, and logical reasoning skills. The pattern followed in the Aptitude Test is as follows:

Section Time Alloted

No of Questions

Expected Cut Off
Verbal Ability 20 Minutes 20 12-14 Marks
Reasoning Ability 25 Minutes 20 12-14 Marks
Attention to detail 15 Minutes 15 8-10 Marks

Recommended Strategy:

Owing to the fact that there is a time limit for each section as well as a sectional cut off, you need to pay equal attention to all the sections. Here are a few tips that might help you tackle your aptitude test with ease:

  • Divide each section into two and attempt the easier questions first
  • There is no negative marking, so attempt all the questions
  • Expected cut offs for the sections:
    • Verbal: 12 – 14 marks
    • Reasoning: 12 – 14 marks
    • Attention to Detail: 8 – 10 marks
  • Practice as many tests that you can to improve your skills

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Disclaimer: All the information that is provided above is based on user feedback. We do not guarantee that the same hiring process will be followed by the company in their future recruitments.