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In this article we will discuss the test pattern of the Accenture conducted by Merit trac. However the test pattern of the Accenture conducted by Aspiring Minds remains the same. Unlike the test conducted by Aspiring Minds this is a Linear test. Let us get into the details.

The written test comprises of questions to test your logical reasoning and analytical skills, verbal skills lasts for around 60 minutes. There is no Quantitative Ability section.

Test Details:

Aptitude Test:

The written test which is divided into following categories

Section 1-Verbal Ability(20 Questions in 20 minutes)

Section 2-Reasoning Ability(20 Questions in 25 minutes)

Section 3- Attention to detail (15 Questions in 15 minutes)

There is no negative marking.

PlacementSeason.Com’s Recommended Test taking Strategy:

Since there is sectional time limit and and sectional cut off, you should give equal importance to all the 3 sections. One section can be divided into two equal halves. In the first half attempt all the easier questions which you are sure and in the next  half you can comeback and do the easy ones. As there is no negative marking you can attempt all the questions but ideally you should get atleast 70% of the questions right. The expected cut off to clear the round would be 12-14 in Verbal, 12-14 in the reasoning section and 8-10 in Attention to detail.

If you clear the 1st Round then there is more than 70% chance of getting the Job offer. Hence practice as many tests possible and improve your Aptitude Skill.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is based on the feedback we receive from our users, we don’t guarantee that Accenture will follow the same hiring process in their future recruitment drives.

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