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As Cognizant has already started visiting the campus for recruitment, in this article we will discuss the process followed by them for recruitment.The first round is Aptitude Test. The test is conducted by Merit Trac. The pattern remained the same from the previous year. Let us get into the details.

  • Reasoning-30 Questions – 30 minutes
  • Verbal-25 Questions – 30 minutes

No Negative marking

Topics covered -Reasoning:

  • Data Interpretation- 4-5 Questions
  • Visual Reasoning- 4-5 Questions
  • Data sufficiency- 3-4 Questions
  • Logical Reasoning- 4-5 Questions
  • Syllogism- 3-4 Questions
  • Coding and Decoding- 3-4 Questions
  • Critical Reasoning- 3-4 Questions

Topics Covered-Verbal:

  • Reading Comprehension- 10-12 Questions
  • Parajumble- 6-8 Questions
  • Sentence Correction – 6-8 Questions
Reasoning Section Strategy:
Expected Cut-off – 15 to 17 Marks
Out of these question types Logical Reasoning, Puzzles questions are time consuming and they shouldn”t be attempted at the start. Hence start with other areas like Data Sufficiency, Visual Reasoning, Coding Decoding, Sylogism etc and try to complete all these questions with-in the first 10 Minutes ie) around 10 to 15 questions in the first 10 minutes with an objective of getting atleast 10 questions correct. Now out of the remaining 15 questions your objective is to get atleast 7 questions correct in the next 20 Minutes. Now try attempting a Data Arrangement or Logical Reasoning question, it might take some time to solve it, since you have ample time left with you concentrate well and try to get the first set correct, in case you get struck and couldn”t crack the set then quickly leave that question and solve the other sets,
“Don”t think that you have already spent sometime in a question and instead of starting other question from scratch you can continue solving the same question” 90% of time this won”t work in an exam situation hence skip and start fresh question.
Verbal Section Strategy:
Expected Cut-off – 13 to 15 Marks
Out of the 25 questions you might get 10 to 12 questions from Reading Comprehension and our advice is to attempt these at the end as they are lengthy passages and time consuming. Attempt the other questions like Error Spotting, Parajumbles in the first 10 Minutes and try to get at least 7 to 8 questions correct. Now you will have 20 Minutes only for Reading Comprehension and your objective is to get another 7 question correct, hence choose direct questions in the RC and attempt it first then try inference based questions.
Overall getting 50 to 60% in Cognizant“s test is very easy. Practice the strategy for yourself at least once before you take the test on the D-day.
All the Best and Don”t forget to Share your Interview Experience here!
Disclaimer: The information provided above is based on the feedback we receive from our users, we don”t guarantee that Cognizant will follow the same hiring process in their future recruitment drives.

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