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About Google
Google is a famous American multinational company that specializes in internet products and services. The services offered by Google include search, online advertising, cloud computing, and software. Google Adwords is an online marketing service by Google which has helped it derive huge profits.

Being a Fortune 500 company, Google has set a strict entry pattern to have onboard only the most talented and skilled candidates. If you are looking to get a job in this American technology giant, then your subject knowledge and skills must be well-supplemented with thorough test preparation.

Google placement papers
To help candidates prepare well for the Google recruitment test, Placement Season has created a unique set of papers – the Google placement papers. This set of papers has been created by professionals who have put in exhaustive research to ensure that the offered Google placement papers are exactly similar to that of Google. These Google placement papers bear strong acquiescence to the difficulty level, paper pattern, sections and questions of the original paper.

Recruitment Test by Google-

  • The written recruitment test conducted by Google contains questions of difficulty levels ranging from moderate to hard.
  • The exam contains about 40 questions that feature sections like Logical Reasoning, General Aptitude, Technical and General English.
  • Time management is a must for this test as the time allotment for this test is 40 minutes in total.

Sections of Google Recruitment Test-

  • Logical Reasoning section

Contains 10 questions based upon topics such as seating arrangement, clocks, syllogisms, missing numbers, etc.

  • General Aptitude section

Contains around 10 questions from topics such as arithmetic, percentage, prime numbers, speed and averages

  • Technical section

Has around 15 questions consisting of questions from programming topics such as C, C++, Java, data structure, and computer networks

  • General English

Has about 5 questions consists of questions on grammar usage and comprehensions

  • Analysis section

In this section the candidate has to rate certain websites and also give explanation for the same

Placement Season’s Google placement papers have been created while keeping in mind the aforementioned aspects and can be attempted online without any restriction of time. These online papers also offer you the option to skip a question and attempt it later, which helps you to manage your time better. Upon completion of the test, you will get a detailed report upon how you performed and what is your score. The test provides the correct answers and also suggests tips to improve your performance. Practice well with our comprehensive range of Google placement papers to gain confidence for your future recruitment tests.