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About Microsoft
Microsoft is an American technology company that was set up in 1975 and has its offices all over the world. Microsoft has always worked towards empowering its employees to be able to achieve more. In addition to the personal interview rounds in their placement procedure, candidates also have to sit through written Microsoft placement papers.
About the Microsoft placement test-

  • This written exam that is conducted by Microsoft has been classified as moderate to hard in difficulty.
  • Microsoft keeps changing the pattern of the written part of their interview process.
  • This exam is generally conducted in three parts, namely, round 1, 2 and 3.
  • The candidate is allotted 150 minutes for the test.

Round 1

  • There are around 15 multiple choice questions in round 1
  • The time allotted is 30 minutes
  • Questions cover a number of topics like C, C++, Java, Pointer, References and Basic Puzzles.

Round 2

  • Round 2 is Online Coding
  • The time allotted is 60 minutes
  • This round contains 2 Coding Questions

Round 3

  • The 3rd round is Coding round having 3 Coding questions
  • Time given to solve these questions is 60 Minutes

Placement Season, despite the regularly changing patterns of the Microsoft placement papers has kept track of the trends over the years. Our team of certified experts has devised mock Microsoft placement papers that are true to their original counterparts.
These Microsoft placement papers offer prospective candidates a chance to brush up their skills and to get a basic idea of what to expect from the Microsoft recruitment process. The best part of these papers from Placement Season is the very thorough and comprehensive result assessment that is available for the candidates.
After a test, the candidates can go through their assessment reports to identify the areas that they are comfortable with and the areas that require improvement and brushing up. This in turn can help you formulate a strategy that can be implemented to help improve the chance of your selection in a Microsoft interview. The mock papers are very close to the written exam held at Microsoft, and can help you gain the required confidence to excel in your interview.