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About Persistent Systems
Persistent Systems is a software technology company that started its business on May 16, 1990 as a private limited company. Later, on September 17, 2010, this company was converted into a public Limited company with the name Persistent Systems Limited. Persistent Systems has offices in three continents – Europe, America and Asia, and in India, its head office is in Pune.
Persistent Systems has a global team consisting of highly qualified software engineers and technology consultants having thorough experience in latest technologies. The company recruits fresh graduates through graduate recruitment programs that it conducts across different engineering colleges.

Placement Season Recruitment Test
Any candidate, who wants to be a part of this multinational company which specializes in software product development and technology services, will require ample practice to get through its recruitment test. Understanding the test pattern and time management are two key aspects of being successful in an exam, and practice is the best way to achieve success.
Placement Season has created a comprehensive set of Persistent Systems placement papers to help candidates get regular practice and achieve success in the test. These Persistent Systems placement papers have been created in correspondence to the original recruitment test paper, by our panel of faculty experts. The sections, the test pattern, the difficulty level and the type of questions featured in the Persistent Systems placement papers are exactly the same as in the original test.

About the Recruitment Test

  • Persistent Systems recruitment test has 3 rounds- 1) Written 2) Technical Interview 3) HR Round.
  • The written round consists of two written tests:
  • The first test features around 60 questions to be answered in 60 minutes. These questions are mainly technical questions containing –
  • 5 aptitude questions, and other 55 questions from all Computer Science and Information Technology subjects like Data Structures, Microprocessor, C/C++, Java, DBMS, Networking, Operating Systems and Communication Systems.
  • In the second test, the candidate has to write a program in C language.

Persistent systems placement papers

  • Placement Season’s Persistent systems placement papers have been designed strictly in conjunction with the aforementioned recruitment test pattern of Persistent Systems.
  • The questions in the papers are multiple choice types and you will have to choose the correct answer. You can also skip any question and come back to it later.
  • These Persistent systems placement papers help candidates develop an understanding of the test paper pattern, better time management and know the areas of their strengths and weaknesses.

Practice well and gain confidence on your pre-placement test preparations with Persistent systems placement papers to ensure your success!