Placements come as opportunities for graduate students to meet potential recruiters and land the perfect job that suits their skills. Wipro, an esteemed IT services provider, is an organisation that many opt for owing to its repute for industry exposure and career growth. Here’s a brief of the recruitment process followed by Wipro.

As per the recent changes brought about in these tests, they include the following sections –

S.No Sections No of Questions Time Limit
1 Quants 16 16
2 Logical 14 14
3 Verbal 25 25
4 Technical 14 17
5 Essay Writing 1 25

The recruitment test details:

The recruitment process at Wipro unfolds in three rounds which covers various tests and interviews that a candidate is required to take. Other than the aptitude tests which take up the first round in the hiring, not many changes are observed in the methods.

In order to qualify for Wipro a candidate must get through the following rounds –

  1. Aptitude Test
  2. Technical Interview
  3. HR interview

The tests are adaptive tests and are conducted by AMCAT. Being an adaptive test there is no demarcated cut-off for the sections.

Recommended Strategy:

    • While preparing, cover all the topics and leave nothing out in order to gain maximum possible scores.
    • Practice makes a man perfect; hence try gathering prior test taking experience for extra benefit.
    • Since there are no negative marking try attempting all the questions.
    • To be on the safer side, 90% accuracy is what you should look to achieve.
    • Since the aptitude tests form the preliminary round, it is a must that you clear it. To do that, practice as many test papers you can and get thorough with all the subject matter involved.
    • Revise your test paper to minimise mistakes.

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Disclaimer: The above mentioned information is user feedback and no guarantee of exactness with the Wipro hiring procedures is made by us.