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TCS has captured all eyeballs and mind-spaces with the implementation of National Qualifier test in TCS Ninja hiring being the common skill-tester to 2019 passing outs of all colleges. If you’d like to break through this test with much ease, do a quality practice with our exact patterned TCS Ninja practice tests.

Unlimited Company Specific Tests

It’s not so uncustomary to have few dream companies at the back of the mind before you even are in the final year of your studies. But, once you have jotted down what your dream companies are, what’s next? How do you begin the process of cracking this buzz word ‘Campus Interview’? With 300+ Dre-ee-am and Super Dre-ee-am companies’ test packages, this is ‘THE’ choice to pave the way to the placement success. Why is this so critical? The more you practice your dream company’s placement tests, the more are your chances to get the foot in the door.

All India Free Mock Placement Tests

With top recruiters changing the campus recruitment pattern every year, there is a renewed emphasis on practicing with updated placement pattern. Plus, majority of the students are anxious and confused about what their dream companies are looking for. To channelize students’ anxiety into preparing for a successful placement, we have launched All India Free Company-specific Mock Test Series. After Phase 1’s success, Phase 2 is about to be LIVE now from July 1st, 2018 with more IT Product and Service Company Mock Tests.

GATE Mock Tests

Let’s admit it – GATE is a tricky proposition but it’s not impossible to get a good score in 6 or 8 months flat. For those who need a little hand-holding, we at PlacementSeason provides matchless GATE training in the form of GATE mock tests. Available for CSE & IT, ECE, EEE, Mechanical & Civil departments, our topic-wise and full syllabus mock tests are devised as per GATE 2019 Syllabus. And the icing on the cake – our package is inclusive of previous questions too.

Prepare with placementseason

How good are you? Are you so good at what you studied so far that you no longer need to practice or prepare for acing up in campus placements? If you even thought about ‘YES’ then you may want to rethink your answer. Because the stats say lack of early practicing is one of the roadblocks preventing the students from landing their dream job. So… How good are you? Even now If you are not sure about answering ‘YES’, let us help you prepare well to succeed.

Combo test Packages

Amidst the stiff competition, it's not quick and easy for a graduate to get placed in Day 1 companies like Accenture, Infosys, Wipro etc. A lot of aspirants tend to ignore this, but the most important aspect in placement preparation is to gain knowledge about the recruitment pattern of each of the companies visiting the respective campuses and practice accordingly. Keeping this in view, we have created placement mock tests of Day 1 companies that visit Indian Campuses for recruitments. Practice, Practice.. and Practice some more!

General Recruitment Tests

Percentage, scores and aggregates aren’t the ultimate deciding factor in a campus placement interview. A plethora of bulk recruiters consider AMCAT, CoCubes, and ELitmus scores as the attestation of a candidate’s skill sets and hire grads with good scores to fill-in the vacancies. If you’d like to get hired by one of the best Companies in India, spruce up the preparation with our General Recruitment Tests.

Company Specific Test Packages


Repeat Questions

Our tests are formed using the test pattern and previous years questions of the respective companies.


Coding Practice Tool

You get a coding practice tool to practice for the coding round in IT product companies placement rounds.


Advanced Analytics

You can analyse and improve your own performance by using our advanced analytical reports.

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