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Unlimited Company Specific Tests - 2020

It’s not so uncustomary to have few dream companies at the back of the mind before you even are in the final year of your studies. But, once you have jotted down what your dream companies are, what’s next? How do you begin the process of cracking this buzz word ‘Campus Interview’? With 300+ Dre-ee-am and Super Dre-ee-am companies’ test packages, this is ‘THE’ choice to pave the way to the placement success. Why is this so critical? The more you practice your dream company’s placement tests, the more are your chances to get the foot in the door.

Programming for placements course (Advanced)

‘You vs Complex programs’ – Want to know how high-brained you are to solve the toughest programs? This course is absolutely designed for those geeks. Comprising a rich list of high level programming questions which will test your advanced coding capability. Become a top-shelf, robust programmer!

Programming for placements course (Beginner)

Done with the programming concepts? Next? It’s real coding. You wouldn’t know whether you are an erroneous or an exemplary coder unless you start coding on your own. So, get into the realm of programming with the multitudes of programs available in our course. Try answering in different programming languages and test your multi-language coding capability.

Aptitude for placements course

Our Aptitude course is a more-than-enough pack by which you can practice everything leaving no aptitude topic unturned. Get trained to static, dynamic and adaptive kind of aptitude tests in a single course. Be it a competitive exam or a placement test, this course will upskill you to ‘solve-all’ type of candidate. Practice with us to even things out.

C Programming Preparatory Course

If coding is your dream, then the small step towards it must be learning C. Mastering C will form a good base for a great programming start. Our C programming course, designed as beginner-friendly will help you learn C from ground-up. With great video explanations of how functionalities of C language work. this course will set you up for programming success.


C++ is medium difficult language. Our course will give you a framework for understanding of all the essentials of C++ concepts and how to design correct and elegant programs. Learn uniquely in PlacementSeason way to experience an interesting learning.


This course aims to teach programming at a steady pace with straightforward explanations so that you are not left with a thousand questions. Topics are explained in with the necessary depth, enabling you to piece everything together with ease. At the end of the course, you will know the fundamentals of java, write java programs with ease which will expand your programming knowledge.

General Recruitment Tests

Percentage, scores and aggregates aren’t the ultimate deciding factor in a campus placement interview. A plethora of bulk recruiters consider AMCAT, CoCubes, and ELitmus scores as the attestation of a candidate’s skill sets and hire grads with good scores to fill-in the vacancies. If you’d like to get hired by one of the best Companies in India, spruce up the preparation with our General Recruitment Tests.

Company Specific Test Packages


Repeat Questions

Our tests are formed using the test pattern and previous years questions of the respective companies.


Coding Practice Tool

You get a coding practice tool to practice for the coding round in IT product companies placement rounds.


Advanced Analytics

You can analyse and improve your own performance by using our advanced analytical reports.

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