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The most-awaited Accenture Placements 2020 is on! Some students have already attended and cleared the Accenture campus interviews 2020 successfully, and several students are eagerly waiting for their turns.

Last week, when the company started hitting the campuses for this year’s recruitment, we got to know that the Accenture Test Patterns have changed.

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No matter if you are going to face Accenture Wheebox or Accenture Cocubes, you are striking the brand-new patterns this year. And, these are not similar to Accenture previous year test patterns in any way. One important update to be noted here is that the Accenture Wheebox and Accenture Cocubes are identical.

Now, we know that you will face 90 questions (split into 4 sections) in 90 minutes. Here, in this blog post, let’s see the last-minute tips, tricks, and possible interview questions for Accenture Placements 2020. Reading through this post will help you get yourself aware of the trickiest parts of the Accenture interview questions 2020 for freshers and experienced & how to easily crack them. In addition, you will gain insights into the Accenture Interview Questions that you will possibly face.

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Trickiest Factor in Accenture Placements 2020

When we spoke with the students who took the Accenture Online Tests 2020 already, we could understand that the trickiest factor of Accenture Placements 2020 is not about the questions. But the real challenge is about “TIME.” Surprised???

You know that you have to answer 90 questions in 90 minutes. It will simply look like you have one odd minute for each question. But it’s not so! Obviously, the pseudocodes will take a lot more than one minute to complete. You will need at least 3 to 5 minutes to complete the pseudocodes because they are lengthier. So, you are in a fix!


So, how will you bridge the gap??

Luckily, there is no sectional timing cut-off in Accenture Recruitment 2020. However, if you are of the thought that you can save your time for coding (which you are more likely to solve at the end) by being quick in the three sections, you are wrong!An important thing to be noted at this point is that while English & Verbal can be easier and the time can be saved in this section, the Logical and Quants aren’t. Yes, the questions are most likely to be moderate in difficulty, but they will definitely consume a lot of time. This means you need to be super-fast in riding your Accenture Placement Test 2020.

Only continuous practice in a simulated test environment can help you at this point in time. If you are not practicing for the test in an Accenture-like test setting, you will definitely feel the heat during the actual Accenture Placement Test 2020.

Start Practicing the New Accenture Wheebox/Cocubes Test Pattern Now


Accenture Interview Questions 2020

Now, let’s imagine you could successfully crack the Accenture Online Test 2020, and you are selected for the next round, which is the interview. You may take it lightly, but in reality, it’s equally important. The way you present yourself before the interviewer matters. In this section of the blog post, we can quickly go through the most probable Accenture interview questions 2020 that you could possibly face in your Accenture Placements 2020.

  • Tell me about your resume and project

  • Why did you choose the project?

  • Tell me about your hobbies

  • Tell me about your interests

  • Things you learned while doing the final-year project

  • What is your dream destination to visit?

  • If you are a CM of your state for one day, what plans will you implement?

  • What do you like most about your city/place?

  • What are your views about India’s loss in the Cricket World Cup?

  • Describe yourself in one line

  • How can we use technology in studies?

  • What does the corporate world want from an employee?

  • Tell me about the latest technological development

  • What do you know about the latest innovation in Eraser?

That’s all folks! We have shared all the possible tips and tricks along with the probable interview questions that can appear in your Accenture Placements 2020. Now, it’s for you to prepare yourself for the test and interview.

Practice with our Accenture Supernova Pack for getting well-accustomed to the new Accenture Wheebox and Accenture Cocubes Test Patterns. This newest pack is based on the new Accenture test pattern and questions appeared in the Accenture Recruitment Drives that are just completed.


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