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On August 2018, Cognizant updated its placement test pattern. Since then, the company is using the AMCAT platform for its campus recruitment process. Pertaining to this change, the online test pattern of Cognizant Recruitment process included a new section called Automata Fix. It’s time to learn about Cognizant Automata Fix Questions.

If you are attending Cognizant Recruitment this year, you must make sure that you are preparing to face Cognizant Automata Fix Questions as well. Read the following article to get more insights into Cognizant debugging questions from Automata Fix part.

Cognizant Automata Fix Questions – An Overview

Cognizant Automata Fix is the novel section that has been included in Cognizant Recruitment Process last year. The primary objective of Cognizant Automata Fix Questions is to test your potential to debug a code that is erroneous, and fix it.

In this section, you will be given a set of programs to debug and write new functionality based on the functions and code provided to you. These Cognizant Automata Fix Questions will test your ability to understand the code that is written by someone else, find bugs, and use the code to incorporate new functionality.

To attend these Cognizant Automata Fix Questions, you will be given with the choice of three programming languages. You can choose any of these: C, C++, and Java to answer them.

Cognizant Automata Fix Questions Pattern

The Cognizant Automata Fix Questions Pattern includes three types of questions. They are Logical, Compilation, and Code Reuse.

Find the detailed pattern of Cognizant Automata Fix Questions below:

Logical You have to fix all logical errors in the given code Logical concepts like Conditions, looping, etc
Compilation You have to correct the syntax of the given code without changing its logic Basic Knowledge of syntax and language-specific concepts
Code Reuse You have to compare the given code by reusing existing functions Complete the code using Predefined structures or functions

Among these three types of Cognizant Automata Fix Questions, the code reuse questions are known to be tougher than logical and compilation questions.

Cognizant Automata Fix Questions – Important Pointers

Here are some important pointers to remember while attending Cognizant Automata Fix questions:

  • You should fix all the logical errors in the code provided
  • You are free to “Compile & Run” anytime in order to verify the compilation or execution status of your program
  • You are free to use “System.out.printIn” for debugging the code
  • The code you submit must be logically, as well as syntactically correct in order to pass the test cases
  • In some cases, you can use “Helper Code” to get details on functions or classes meant for reuse
  • For any question, you will have to correct the implementation given
  • You are not expected to alter the approach or implement any extra library methods

Cognizant Automata Fix Expected Questions

Following are some of the most expected Cognizant Automata Fix Questions:

  • Check for syntax and/or logical error & rectify it to get the desired output
  • Find the factorial of the given number
  • Check whether the given program print the given pattern
  • Find the greatest of three numbers
  • Rectify the error, recompile, & match it against the given output
  • Convert Binary to Decimal using the existing function
  • Print the prime numbers from an array up to “n” using an existing function

Practice such questions and many more Cognizant Automata Fix Questions based on the latest test pattern and previous year questions.


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