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Last year, there was adrift in the country following the Cognizant announcements that it’s firing around 13k employees. When the new graduates and prospective graduates were worrying about their future and career, Cognizant latest news came in. Yes, it was nothing to panic. We can even say it is great news from Cognizant Technology Solutions.



Let’s see what you should know about this Cognizant news today:

Cognizant’s Explanation on the Job Cut

Cognizant job cut news is a real shocker for everyone around the world, which led them to call it illegal by the Union Employees. However, this claim was denied by the senior officials of the company. Further, into the matter, the senior-level officials of Cognizant Technology Solutions said that the job cut makes up only a small portion of the bigger plan. As such, it is said that the Cognizant firing plan accounts for just 1% of the bigger plans. Currently, there are about 2,90,000 employees in the company worldwide.

In addition to this, there is another Cognizant news today. Yes, it’s about the Cognizant hiring 2020. Accordingly, the company said that it would hire freshers, as well as from the market. It’s apparent that around 15k job offers have been distributed already at 80+ engineering colleges as of yet.

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Cognizant Recruitment Announcement – Cognizant to Hire Stem Students

Cognizant’s today news stated that the company is all set to hire as many as 23k STEM graduates and postgraduates from technical institutes around India. As per the Chairman & Managing Director, Ramkumar Ramamoorthy, Cognizant, these numbers do not include the BPO operations hire. According to him, Cognizant Technology Solutions is among the biggest beneficiaries of STEM talents from the country. And this, along with digital permeating all the functions in all the industries, the need for talents with digital competencies is only elevating.

CTS Fires employees

Around 13k Jobs Cut

As part of the bigger plan, Cognizant is firing cutting almost 13k jobs as per the latest news

Hiring plans for 2020

Around 23k New Hires Planned

As many as 23k STEM graduates and postgraduates from technical institutes

Offers Disbursed

Around 15k Offers Disbursed

Around 15k job offers in 80+ engineering colleges have been disbursed

Salary increased

Pay scale for New Hires Increased

The salary for new hires is increased from Rs.3,80,000 to Rs.4,00,000 per annum for the entry-level jobs

CTS current strength

2,90,000 Employees Overall

Currently, there are about 2,90,000 employees globally working in Cognizant Technical Solutions

Further speaking about the Cognizant Recruitment 2020, Ramkumar Ramamoorthy disclosed that the salary for the Cognizant tech jobs had been increased from Rs.3,80,000 to Rs.4,00,000 per annum for the entry-level jobs. This salary hike has been implemented in order to identify the new-generation competencies and skills that the fresh graduates like you possess and bring to the organization, according to him.


What’s the Take-Away?

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