Cognizant, the word points to the meaning ‘having knowledge about something’. So is the Cognizant Company which hires only candidates possessing sound knowledge. As a sign of this mentioned fact, recently Cognizant has changed its test pattern with an adoption of a whole new kind of coding skill evaluation called ‘Automata Fix’.

Read on to know the changed CTS test pattern and exclusive information regarding Automata fix.

Cognizant - AMCAT Test:

In the new Cognizant – AMCAT test pattern changes have occurred. Here are they:

Sections  Time No of questions
Aptitude(Quant) 25 min 25
Logical 35 min 25
Verbal 20 min 22
Automata Fix 20 min 7


Aptitude section

  • 25 questions have to be answered in 25 minutes.
  • Important topics are Probability, Number system, Ratio & Proportion, Profit & loss, LCM & HCF, Age, Time & work, Time, speed, distance & Geometry

Logical Reasoning Section

  • 35 questions have to be answered in 25 minutes.
  • Major questions are from Coding & decoding
  • Other important topics are puzzles, number series, blood relations, direction, series completion, syllogism, seating arrangement and statements & arguments.

Verbal Section

  • 20 questions have to be answered in 22 minutes.
  • Reading comprehension (Big passage) 2 sets will be asked having 6 questions.
  • Other important topics are Synonym, antonyms , error correction , arrange the words, Vocabulary, Error finding/sentences correction.

Automata fix

  • In CTS test, 7 Automata fix questions (5 debugging & 2 partial code) are to be answered in 20 minutes.
  • A set of programs will be given, where students have to either debug  erroneous code and fix it or write new functionality based on the given functions and code.
  • It tests the candidate’s skill of being able to understand code written by someone else, be able to find bugs and also use the code to implement new functionality.


Automata Fix is new & never-held-before coding skill evaluation. Hence a right practice is a MUST to master it.

Sensing this need, we have come up with ’Cognizant - Automata Fix’ test packages with debugging and partial code practice questions


      • This is for On-campus general recruitment & not for Associate role.

      • How can I apply for CTS off campus?

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      • I’m currently in 4th year of, how can I apply for cognizant?

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