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Comparison of Indiabix, GeeksforGeeks, M4Maths and PlacementSeason

 Come placement time and then Google search engine will see an increase in search terms like ‘placement process’, ‘interview questions’, ‘placement preparation’, ‘aptitude questions’ and a lot more terms related to placement. We will see a lot of sites which ranks for these top terms but the sites which consistently rank high for these search terms are Indiabix, Lofoya, GeeksforGeeks, PlacementSeason and a lot more.

We review each site, their pros and cons in this blog article.


This is easily the most popular site visited by students for their placement preparation. The reason – their large amount of content. Pick any topic related to placement, recruitment or interview and you can bet that Indiabix has that. Their content varies from General Aptitude, Verbal & Reasoning, Core Engineering Topics, programming questions and mcq, Interview Experiences, Online tests, puzzles and a lot more technical topics. Students love this site since it is a one stop solution for all their placement preparation needs.


  • Large Content
  • Wide areas of topics
  • Online tests


  • Questions are updated very rarely.
  • Lack of Company-Specific Tests
  • Large amount of ads makes it difficult for the user to navigate around or to stay focused.


Geeks for Geeks:

Geeks for Geeks is a programmer’s haven. Any person in programming or development career must have visited two websites in his/her lifetime: GeeksforGeeks for preparing to enter into that career and Stackoverflow while working in that career. Geeksforgeeks has topic categories ranging from Study Materials on Algorithms, Data Structures, Language based programming questions, Interview questions and experiences, Programming Multiple Choice Questions, GATE preparation topics, Computer Science Subject Study Materials, Quizzes and Puzzles.

It is a very good site for preparing for technical interviews and product based company placements. It helps beginners in a long way by not only providing questions but also very detailed solutions for all the questions posted in this site. Majority of programming questions asked by major IT companies in their placement rounds can be found in this site.


  • Widest collection of programing questions & answers.
  • Questions on five most popular languages – C, C++, Java, Python & SQL.
  • Difficulty level based questions
  • Questions of many IT Product companies are posted and explained in this site.



  • Lack of Aptitude, reasoning and verbal content.



M4Maths was not built for teaching of concepts to students. It was mainly built as an experience sharing platform for interview attendees and the students. It is a kind of portal in which users post their questions for which others answers. People also share their placement and interview experience in this site. Various tips and tricks to crack aptitude and maths based questions are available in this site. The website is not properly designed and it is difficult for the users to find the content they need. A special ‘Discussion Board’ is available in this site to facilitate the easy communication between the various users in the site.



  • Different approach than other sites
  • Presence of contests and daily puzzles is interesting for the users.



  • Poorly designed website.
  • It has a wide range of content but not easily found by the users on the website.



            PlacementSeason is the new kid on the block for providing content for placement and recruitment preparation. They are well known for their Company-Specific Mock tests which helps the students by providing them tests which replicates the placement tests of various companies such as IT Services, Product, Core Engineering and Management Companies. They have just now started offering content for placement preparation. The content is not large as of now as they have just now entered into this area but the site is being regularly updated and it is well received by the users. The feature which is unique among them is that they post Company-Specific Articles which gives insights into the various company’s test pattern, their recruitment procedures and tips to crack them. Students have found this very helpful since it helps them to know about the company for which they plan to sit for placements. Students receive off campus placement updates from placementseason blog.



  • New and well designed Website.
  • Well structured and unique content.
  • Frequently updated questions.
  • Company-Specific Mock tests along with placement preparation articles.



  • Less content since the site is new



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