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Note: The TCS NQT 2020 dates have been changed (postponed as of July 10th, 2019). We have updated the dates accordingly in all our blog posts. All the dates mentioned in our blog posts are in-line with the latest information.

The students passing out in 2020 have gotten excited with the announcements from the global leader TCS. As soon as the news came out about the TCS Ninja National Qualifier 2020, the students across the country have started preparing for it. No student is the same when it comes to preparation strategy. Each and every student will have a different preparation strategy. But, there’s one common thing for everyone – How to prepare for tcs nqt coding questions?

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While it’s true that you need to perform well in all the four sections equally, the preparation for the other sections than coding will be easy comparatively. This means that you need to put an extra effort to get ready for the TCS Ninja NQT coding section. But, you are at PlacementSeason, where you can know how to crack TCS Ninja NQT Coding Section the PlacementSeason way.

Before going into the learning process, let’s quickly review the instructions for TCS NQT Coding Section instructions here:

TCS NQT Coding Instructions:

  • Only one coding question for 20 minutes

  • The code in C, C++, Java, Perl, or Python

  • Given an IDE for debugging

  • The class name must be named as “Maze” for Java

  • Input through STDIN or command line arguments

  • Output to STDOUT

  • Evaluation based on public/private test cases

Points to Remember in TCS NQT Coding

  • Shouldn’t print any leading/trailing spaces while printing

  • Shouldn’t print any other text than the required output

  • Shouldn’t print a leading sign if the output is a number unless it’s negative

  • Shouldn’t print any scientific notation

  • Should print as many decimal places as mentioned for all the floating-point numbers

How to crack the TCS NQT Coding Section?

The wait is over! After consistent hard work, you have come to the phase of life where you would be placed in a job. At this crucial point of life, it won’t feel good to get stuck. But, this can happen with TCS NQT Coding section. It’s simply because your TCS NQT coding section is tough! According to experts, TCS Ninja NQT coding questions would range from easy to medium in difficulty.

In order to crack this section, you would need consistent practice. One way to do this is to set up a consistent goal every day, so it’s manageable for you. Set a target of at least two easy and two medium level coding problem every day. By the time the actual TCS Ninja NQT, you would have covered 120 questions. We know every day can’t be the same. So, we can reduce the target count to 100 coding questions to cover.

Now, the question here is whether practicing just 100 questions would be sufficient to crack the actual TCS National qualifier test 2020. Here comes the trick. With hardly a month left for preparation, it’s not a wise idea to prepare from the books or lessons. The most effective way is to get through the coding questions that were seen repeatedly in TCS Ninja Tests. It’s very likely that the same or similar questions will appear in this year TCS Ninja national qualifier test as well. When you are very confident about these repeated questions, you are more likely to crack the section.

PlacementSeason’s TCS Ninja NQT – Set of 100 Repeated Questions

We just don’t stop with letting you know the best way to prepare for the TCS Ninja NQT Coding Section, but we will also facilitate the students with the best resources to use. You need not go anywhere to get the repeated coding questions in TCS Ninja tests. We have an exclusive package with 100 TCS Ninja NQT repeated coding questions.


Before you go…

You can follow whichever strategy works for you better. You can practice at any time. But, you need to make a schedule and follow it religiously. Ensure you are giving your genuine effort.

For this to come true, you need to set realistic goals. To practice, four coding questions per day shouldn’t be unrealistic. We recommend you to spend at least one or two hours every day to get thorough with the 100 Repeated TCS Ninja NQT questions.

Consistent practice is the key to crack the TCS Ninja NQT Coding Section. So, don’t back off if you fail once. Practice with determination, and you are sure to succeed!

Good Luck for your TCS Ninja NQT. Rock it!!



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