With respect to placements, there are two types of students: Talented and untalented. Talented are those with good IQ, well-grasping power, good solving skills, other innate skills and capabilities. Untalented are those who have less of those mentioned aspects.

There’s a widespread say that only talented can succeed and the untalented cannot. Dear students! Don’t ever believe in that statement. It is totally wrong. If you fall into the untalented category, still you can succeed and even you can succeed far more than a talented would. Believe us!

The only secret factor to achieve it is GRIT.


Grit is an individual's perseverance of effort combined with the passion for a particular long-term goal. In Simple term, Grit is the constant and quality effort for a long time on a specific goal.


Angela Duckworth, an American academic Psychologist who did research on Grit and came out with some theories. She wanted to know the important factor which led to success. In different contexts and observing highly successful people, one emerged as a significant predictor of success i.e Grit.


Surprisingly, many untalented people skilled them up and arose successful because of their gritty nature. And shockingly talent wasn’t a top factor. Without effort, talent is nothing more than an unmet potential. You may be talented or untalented, effort is definitely needed to become successful.


“Do you find difficulty in solving aptitude questions? Are you slow at arriving at the correct answer? Do you make mistakes while doing calculations?”

If a ‘yes nod' is the answer to the above questions, you are not alone. There are many out there same as you!

The thing is don’t fix that you can’t rectify these problems. If you are unable to understand an aptitude question, read twice, thrice or more. With repeated tries, there is a huge chance that it might click at some point. Or go to a friend or a staff, understand and clear the doubts.

Same way for your calculation mistakes. Try repeatedly. Identify where you are lagging, where you go wrong, where you miscalculate. Note them, rectify and improve yourself. If done, you can surely experience a marked difference in your solving skills. Practice till you can perfectly do calculations with the focused mind.

Grit is ‘not giving up’!


"If you judge practice by how much it improves your skill, then deliberate practice has no rival"


“I’m not a CSE student, I cannot code.” “I know programming concepts but when it comes to real coding, I cannot code”. “I’m not a good coder. I always end up with many errors” 


If you have any one of the above thoughts in your mind, grit can solve it.


You don’t have to be a core computer science student to code. Even when you are in prefinal year or final year, you can still learn to programme. Research says that anyone can learn a new skill and even attain mastery in it when one does focussed learning for a period of time. All you need to do is learn and practice with the utmost concentration. It is absolutely achievable!


During practice, your code would show up many errors. It's Okay! Zero in on those specific weaknesses and eliminate them. Take it a challenge and try until your code has 0 errors. The active processing of feedback will help in rectifying errors.


 To transform from many errors to zero errors, you should be gritty i.e you must work on and on, on and on till you are at the zilch mistake state.

"Grit is not only about quantity of time on task but also quality time"




Hope, you have attained a clarity on achievability and acquired confidence about learning new skills and mastering them. This applies to any new attempt you take in life. It can be achieved with Grit. Remember it!


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Constant effort can increase your ability of learning! All the Best champs!!


Note: This article is inspired by Angela Duckworth's TED talk ( you can watch it here ) and her book 'Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance'.

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