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IBM Recruitment 2020 is on! This year’s IBM Campus Drive for filling up IBM vacancies is ongoing. Several of you might have already started preparing IBM Placement Papers and IBM Previous Papers. But there is some new update regarding IBM Recruitment 2020. You must note that the online test for IBM campus drive has a new test pattern this year. We have gathered all the latest updates on the IBM eligibility criteria and recruitment test pattern 2020 for freshers. So, don’t stop reading…

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As this is the on-campus drive, the drive dates will differ from college to college.

Therefore, you are also recommended to look at the following IBM off-campus drives:

IBM Campus Drive 2020 – Eligibility Criteria

IBM Campus Drive 2020 has started hiring students from all over the country. As such, the IBM Hiring Process is conducted to take the candidates for the Associate System Engineer Role. If you want to know if you are eligible to participate in the IBM Campus Drive 2020, take a look at the following eligibility criteria:


B.E. / B.Tech / M.Tech /MCA/M.E - Full-Time Graduates

Eligible streams





Minimum 60% in SSLC/Xth, HSC/PUC/XII, Diploma or Equivalent

Gap criteria

Maximum of 1 year of education gap

Backlog criteria

No Active Backlogs at the time of IBM Interview Process

Engineering Pass Percentage

65% or Above or Equivalent CGPA

IBM Recruitment 2020 – IBM Placement Process

IBM Recruitment 2020 – IBM Placement Process involves three steps as follows:

Step 1

Online Test

Step 2

Technical Interview

Step 3

HR Interview

IBM Recruitment 2020 – Online Test Pattern

As mentioned earlier, the online test pattern of IBM Recruitment 2020 has changed, and we have a new pattern this year. Accordingly, the IBM Online Test Pattern contains 4 sections that need to be answered in 100 minutes. Know more details of the online test pattern below:

Cognitive Ability Games

7 Questions, 30 mins

English Language Test

Variable number of questions

Learning Agility

50 Questions, 30 mins


1 Coding + 5 MCQs, 30 mins


Variable number of questions, 100 mins


The mode of IBM Recruitment 2020 – online test pattern is dynamic.

Facts about IBM Placement Papers

Find below the facts about IBM placement papers:

  • There is no negative marking

  • There is overall cut-off only

  • There will be an onscreen calculator on the sides

Let’s see each of the sections of the IBM Recruitment 2020 – online test pattern in detail here:

IBM Online Test Pattern – Section-wise Discussion

Cognitive Ability Games

This section will aim to measure your ability through games. This is otherwise known as Cognify. This section will feature game-based psychometric evaluations that will look at the abilities that are important for your IBM jobs. As such, you will face 7 mini-games in this section to be completed in 30 minutes. To put it simply, it’s a fun way to measure your personality traits, as well as aptitude.

IBM Cognitive Ability Games Syllabus

  • Problem Solving: Shortcuts, Gridlock, Resemble

  • Numerical Reasoning: Tally up, Numbubbles

  • Verbal Knowledge: Proof it

IBM Cognitive Ability Games Sample Questions

  1. Salaries of A and B are in the ratio of 2:3. If their salaries are increased by INR 4000, the ratio will become 40:57. What is the salary of B?

  2. In an election between X and Y, X received 55% of the total valid votes. 20% of the total votes were found to be invalid. If the overall votes were 7500, what will be the number of valid votes received by Y?

  3. One number is chosen at random out of the first twenty natural numbers. What is the probability that it’s an even or prime number?

  4. A traveled 73 km in a total of 5 hours. If he has traveled partly by foot at the rate of 4 km/hr and partly by cycle at the rate of 7 km/hr, what will be the distance covered on foot?

  5. A mixture has alcohol & water in a ratio of 4:3. If 4 liters of water is added to this mixture, the ratio will become 4:5. Now, what is the measure of alcohol in the mixture?

  6. A girl goes to the school from her house at a rate of 4 km/hr and returns at a rate of 3 km/hr. If she takes 3 hours to and fro, what will be the distance between her house and school?

  7. A doll was sold at a loss of 10%. If it was sold for INR 140 more, it would have produced a gain of 4%. Find the cost price.

  8. 10% of people in a town died from a bomb blast. Another 20% moved out of the town due to fear. If the current population is 4500 down from the original population, what was the original population?

  9. A mixture of 80 liters of water and alcohol contains 15% of water. How much water should we add more to make 13% of the total mixture?

  10. A factory has 60% of technicians and 40% non-technicians. If 40% of technicians and 60% of non-technicians are permanent staff, what will be the percentage of temporary employees?

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English Language

This section is aimed to test your proficiency in the English Language. In this round, you will face 10 questions to be answered in 10 minutes. The real catch in this section is that the questions will continue to pop up one by one as you answer a question until the sectional time ends.

IBM English Language Syllabus

  • Error spotting

  • Active & Passive voice

  • Spelling

  • Fill ups

IBM English Language Sample Questions

  1. Synonym of Dash

  2. Synonym of Valorous

  3. With the elevation in human activities, there has been ___________ use of natural resources, thus leading to disharmony between humans and nature.

  4. The city is a distinctive blend of tradition & _____________ as it still holds its ancient charm in spite of rapid urbanization.

  5. The forest looks quite ________ as there are hardly any inhabitants dwelling in it.

  6. You should not be ____________ by failure as it’s often said, “Failure is the stepping stone to success.”

  7. Not only the _______________ consumption of human resources will help in economic development, but also will help reduce the unemployment rate.

  8. A & B are the targets of the scourge of terrorism that hits at the root of _____________, which is considered to be the mainstay of civil society in an independent world.

  9. The ABC Industries has put forward its concern over the ______________ financial situation and has threatened to start an agitation if the govt doesn’t extend concessions.

  10. Antonym of Clemency

Learning Agility

This is a psychometric test; wherein, you will be given a total of 50 pairs of statements to be answered in 30 minutes. In these pairs, all you have to do is to select the statement which you agree strongly/slightly. Nothing is right or wrong in this. Your personality will be determined based on your selections. Nearly 50% of the test attendants will be sent out through this section only.

IBM Learning Agility Syllabus

This is basically a psychometric test with no syllabus as such. This will be an overarching evaluation of your work personality, which includes the following factors:

  • Ability to work with people

  • Attitude

  • Work ethics


In this section, you will be given 1 coding question and 5 multiple choice questions to be answered in 30 minutes. This is considered to be the toughest section in the entire IBM online test pattern, which means you need to take enough practice so as to crack this section easily.

IBM Coding Syllabus

The questions for IBM Coding section will come from any of the following sections:

  • C

  • C++

  • Java

  • Python

So, this is all about the IBM Recruitment 2020 – IBM Online Test Pattern. As mentioned earlier, IBM Placement Process doesn’t end with just this online test. Once you clear the online test, you will be called for an interview. As such, the IBM Interview Process will include IBM Technical Interview and IBM HR Interview.

IBM Interview Process for Freshers

Once you clear the IBM Online Test, you will be able to attend the IBM Technical Interview. The details are as follows:

IBM Technical Interview

In the IBM Technical Interview, the primary focus will be on your resume. So, you are advised not to write anything on the resume, which you don’t know. When it comes to IBM Technical Interview Questions, they will be mostly on technical topics like:

  • Java

  • Arrays

  • DSA

  • SQL

  • Data Structures

  • DBMS

  • Project-Related

  • Algorithms

  • Operating System

  • Networking

  • OOPs concepts

  • Programming language of your choice

Once you clear the IBM Technical Interview, you will be moved on to the next round, which is IBM HR Interview. There is nothing wrong with saying that this is the judgment round, as it will tell you whether you have gone through the IBM Interview Process successfully or not.

IBM HR Interview

The IBM HR Interview Questions will be based upon to know your strengths, weaknesses, and personality. You will just have to be confident in this round. Also, you are advised to prepare your resume well.

Here are some IBM HR Interview Questions for your reference:

  • Introduce yourself

  • Why IBM?

  • Your higher education plans

  • Rate yourself from 0 to 10 in terms of teamwork

  • Where do you see yourself in the next 2 years?

  • Why should we hire you?

  • Are you willing to relocate?

After the IBM HR round is over, you will be asked to wait for the results. You will be intimated via e-mail whether you got selected in IBM Hiring process or not.

IBM Online Test Pattern – Section-wise Overview

Find below the section-wise overview of IBM online test pattern:


Cut-off %

Difficulty %

Importance %

Cognitive Ability




English Language




Learning Agility




Coding Test





That’s all guys for now! Prepare well for IBM Recruitment 2020 and make the IBM jobs for freshers yours! But don’t forget to come back to us to share your IBM interview experience with us!

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