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This year, Tech-Giant Infosys created a stir among the students by introducing a new way of placement preparation and skill acquisition. The Infosys Certification Exam via InfyTQ mobile app was a great success, according to the company. For those who don’t know about this Infosys Certification Exam or InfyTQ, please read this: All about “Infosys Certification Exam”

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About Infosys Certification 2020:

Infosys Certification 2020 is nothing but a technical exam conducted by Infosys. This Infosys Certification can be earned through InfyTQ app – the learning & engagement platform of Infosys. The students, who learn through InfyTQ, will get an edge over others as this Infosys Certification Exam will be based on the four fundamental courses available on InfyTQ app.

These courses include:

Programming Fundamentals Using Python Object-oriented Programming using Python Data Structures Algorithm using Python  Learning DBMS & SQL


So, you have learned these fundamental courses. What’s next? You don’t have to wait for the actual Infytq - Infosys Certification Exam 2020 to test yourself.

Download InfyTQ app:

Google Play: Download here

iOS: Check here

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We are aware that Infosys Certification Exam was launched as a new initiative to hire graduates through their state-of-the-art mobile application called “InfyTQ.” Now, let’s see if it has fared well among the students and institutions.

The Success of Infosys Certification 2019

According to the company, the response for Infosys Certification Exam 2019 was incredible. The number of registrations they received through InfyTQ app and participants of the Infosys Certification Exam speak for itself. So, it’s obvious that InfyTQ has made a great impact on the students during the last 10 months. With the boost they received from the success of Infosys Certification 2019, Infosys is all set to launch Infosys Certification 2020.

We are the first to announce the start date of Infosys Certification 2020. Yes, the Infosys Certification 2020 is all set to kickstart on February 10, 2020 for the 2021 Batch.

Infosys Certification 2020 – An Excellent Opportunity for 2021 YOP Students

InfyTQ 2020 or Infosys Certification 2020 is a unique opportunity for 2021 YOP students to move forward with their careers, with Infosys. Students scoring 65% or above in the Infosys Certification Exam will enjoy three benefits as follows:

Note: Your final score for the Infosys Certification Exam will be featured to you upon completion of the examination.

Infosys Certification 2020 Eligibility

Students of B.E./B.Tech/M.E./M.Tech/M.Sc/MCA/MCM graduating in 2021 can register for the Infosys Certification 2020.

Note: Although you need to score 65% and above in the Infosys Certification Exam to earn your certification, you do not have a minimum % requirement to apply for this certification. It means that you are eligible no matter what your academic score is.

Infosys Certification 2020 Registration

You will have to download the InfyTQ app in order to register for the Infosys Certification Exam 2020. When it comes to the Infosys Certification 2020 registration dates, we will keep you posted about it as we don’t have the exact dates now.

However, there is a way to ensure your success in the Infosys Certification Exam 2020. We have a mock test package that is simulated for Infosys Certification Exam. Taking the fundamental courses in InfyTQ app and taking the mock tests with this package will surely make you stand out from the crowd. This is the way to ensure your Infosys Certification Exam Success.

Are you up for it?


If you have any questions regarding the InfyTQ app or Infosys Certification Exam, you can write to:


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