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We are nearing the end of August 2019. What does this mean? We have almost come close to Infosys Recruitment 2020. Yes, the Tech Giant is expected to kick-start its regular placements from 1st of September.

We had already informed that Infosys Recruitment would take place off-campus even before the regular campus placements start. Accordingly, the students had prepared with us, and several got placed too. So, don’t miss your opportunity to get placed in Infosys Recruitment 2020.

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To know more on Infosys interview questions and recruitment process for freshers 2020, continue reading here…

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Infosys Recruitment Process 2020

Infosys has two types of recruitment processes: One for Grade A colleges and one for Grade B & C Colleges.

Type 1: For Grade A Colleges:

  • Written Round
  • HR Interview

Type 2: Grade B & C Colleges:

  • Written Round
  • Technical Interview
  • HR Interview

Infosys Recruitment Process 2020 is simple and is the same for all the drives, including on-campus, off-campus, and referral drives. Here, you will see the Infosys Recruitment Process 2020 in detail (we will look into the Type 2 as it covers everything):

Pre-Presentation Speech

As the first step of the Infosys Recruitment Process 2020, there will be a pre-presentation speech, wherein the Infosys HRs will speak about various things about the company. These include:

  • Work culture
  • Profiles offered
  • Growth opportunities
  • Salary

Towards the end of this pre-presentation speech, there will be a Question and Answer session. You can ask your questions about the company and opportunities during this session.

Infosys Online Test

The online test for Infosys Recruitment 2020 is considered as one of the toughest among all the service-based companies. The test includes 65 questions to be answered in 95 minutes.

The Infosys Online Test Pattern is as follows:

QUANTS 15 Ques  25 Mins
LOGICAL 10 Ques 35Mins
ENGLISH 40 Ques 35 Mins
TOTAL 65 Ques 95 Mins

Note: There is no negative marking

Let’s discuss the Infosys online test pattern and syllabus later. Now, we will continue with the Infosys Recruitment Process 2020.

Infosys Interview

There will be only one interview round in the Infosys Recruitment Process 2020. It will last anywhere between 25 to 40 minutes. The interview will include Technical and HR.

Offer Dispersal

As the final step, the company will disperse the offer letters for the selected candidates. As such, the offer letters will be sent via e-mail, as well as to your colleges.

Deep into Infosys Recruitment - Online Test Pattern and Syllabus

Now, let’s look deep into Infosys Recruitment online test pattern and syllabus section-wise:





Data Interpretation

Permutation & Combination


Number Series

Areas, Shapes, & Perimeter

Speed, Time, & Distance (Most Difficult)

Time & Work

Profit & Loss

Problem on Ages


Number, Decimal, & Fraction



Coding & Decoding

Cryptarithmetic (Most Difficult)

Clocks & Calendar

Data Sufficiency

Most logical choice


Logical Deduction

Statements and Conclusions

Venn Diagrams

Reading Comprehension (Most Difficult)

Fill Ups

Error Spotting

Error Correction

Sentence Correction

Sentence Selection

Sentence Completion


One-word Substitution

Synonyms and Antonyms



Points to Remember:

While attending the exam,

  • You can switch between questions in a section. You can utilize the “NEXT” and “PREVIOUS” options to jump between the questions.
  • You can’t switch between sections. So, make sure you complete a section before moving onto the next section because you can’t go back once you jumped.

Infosys Recruitment 2020 – Sectional Cut-off & Average Time per Question

Find below Infosys Online Test Sectional Cut-off:

As such, the logical section in the Infosys Recruitment 2020 is said to be easy-to-crack by several websites out there as there are 35 minutes to solve just 15 questions. But it’s not so! You can see that each logical question will take up to 3 to 5 minutes. Therefore, abundant preparation is the key.

Know the average time per question required in Infosys Online Test here:

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Infosys Interview Questions

Once you clear the online test, you will face the interview. The interview will include a Technical Interview and HR interview.

Infosys Technical Interview

The Infosys Technical Interview questions will be from the following areas:

  • C
  • OOPS
  • C++
  • Java
  • Coding
  • Project Diagrams
  • Project-based questions
  • Palindrome program

You must note that there is no discrimination between CS and non-CS branch students when it comes to coding questions they may face during the technical interview.

The interviewer may be from any subject area, and he/she will google questions from the subject that is related to your project. Freedom of topic selection will be there, and you will be asked for your favorite subject, and the questions will be asked from that subject.

Technical Interview Questions

  • Encapsulation
  • Polymorphism
  • Run-time Polymorphism
  • Concepts of Normalization

Infosys HR Interview

Unlike other companies, Infosys HR Interview round is very important as the company will rule out 30 to 40% candidates in the HR round.

The interviewer may be from any branch, and he/she will google questions from the subject that is related to the student’s project.

HR Interview Questions

  • What will you do after college?
  • Why Infosys?
  • About extracurricular activities mentioned in your resume
  • Your role model
  • About enjoyment
  • Your hobbies
  • Your preferred work location
  • Why do you look for a job in the IT field; not in your core?
  • Which subjects you enjoyed the most?
  • Your strengths and weaknesses

Infosys Recruitment 2020 – Students’ Experience


The written test is good, the reasoning is easy and aptitude is moderate, and English is as usual - pay concentration. Comes to TR as it was my first experience, I felt very tense. I did my level best. I felt HR is easy if we are confident about oneself.

We should keep content in the resume if only we are perfect in that part, what we actually know. The resume should be true, should not keep unnecessary data that we don't know - what I have observed in the interview because all my questions are from resume.


The process was simple and didn't have any coding assessment. It was mostly based on Aptitude, Verbal, and Reasoning. The face to face interview was easy. The questions asked were mostly from OOPS and DBMS. The OOP principles like Encapsulation, Polymorphism, and Run-time Polymorphism were asked. From the Database part, the concepts of Normalization and queries were asked.


It's a completely different experience and a bit of suspense. In Infosys pega there were 4 rounds.

Written test: consists of a sectional cut off and sectional time. Total 3 sections. Reasoning (10), quantitative (15), and verbal (40)

  1. TR1: It happened for 30 minutes. They tested out technical knowledge, self-confidence, communication. They asked about Pega, DBMS, and OOPS
  2. TR2: It happened for 10 minutes. They asked about Pega, software engineering, and 2 general HR questions like they gave me a situation and asked me how I will handle those situations
  3. HR: They asked about my hobbies and location I prefer to work

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  • when will the off campus drive for 2020 batch students in Andhra Pradesh

  • Respected sir/medam,
    I want to know when off campus drive is conducting in Andhra Pradesh. I am eagerly waiting to be a part in Infosys. I am very interesting to join in Infosys . I know the technologies like c, python, DBMS, java. I hope you reply as early as possible. Thank you

  • Are there any dates left if someone wants to appear for infosys placement off campus?

    Ridhi Garg
  • Are there any dates left if someone wants to appear for infosys placement off campus?

    Ridhi Garg
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