Is Gamification the next big thing in the future era of recruitment?

Well, gamified recruitment has become the talk of the town ever since the technology started to infiltrate the hiring process. According to the recent statistics , it has been reported that gamified recruitments are proven to be the most effective means of hiring new talent to the organization.


Let’s dig a little deeper!

What is Gamified recruitment? How did it evolve over time?


Gamified recruitments are not really about playing games to get through the recruitment process, but a super cool process involving the application of gamified principles and attributes like scoring points, surpassing the levels, earning completion medals to a task assigned to the candidate for elevating the performance bars through complete engagement.


Sounds engaging, right? 


The new inventions are usually the outcomes of the desire to eliminate the existing challenges and this same principle goes out here. Yes! To optimize the hiring process and to bring the candidate closer to the company’s vision and mission, the concept of gamification is introduced in the recruitment phase.


How Gamified recruitment differs from actual recruitment?


The conventional hiring process revolves around the same things like aptitude round, technical round and HR round. According to the hiring experts, this is found to be ineffective in finding out the ideal talents to their organization.


But in gamified recruitments, the candidates are assigned with challenges that will be faced by them if they are hired into the company. This significantly aids the recruiters to get a clear vision about the candidate who is going to be the asset to the organization and thereby eliminates the flaws involved with the existing conventional hiring process.


For instance, Marriott International designed a game called “My Marriott Hotel” in which the candidates can run their own virtual restaurant business. It involves earning points that vary according to customer satisfaction, which is the fundamental thing to gain success. The Marriott found this gamified process to be more constructive on-boarding the freshmen.


Are companies ready to shake hands for incorporating gamified recruitment?


The top tech-giant Google has been organizing gamified recruitments in the recent times for identifying the right techies across the world. Companies like Cisco, NTT Data, Accenture, Deloitte have already employed gamification for carrying out other internal organizational activities and it is highly expected to be incorporated in their recruitment process too.


Capgemini is planning to conduct the hiring process via gamification for the upcoming calendar year. They believe that it will be efficacious in bringing out the right fellow freshmen to the spotlight.


What should the candidates do further?


As gamified recruitment is already here, the people looking forward to get recruited in the esteemed organizations must start to develop the skills that match with the company’s vision. A hardcore practice is indispensable to grab your spot in the organization.


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Cheers, Get recruited!


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