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Important Update: Accenture Recruitment 2020 Online Test Pattern Changed. Read below for all the latest updates on Accenture Recruitment Drive 2020.

If you have read our previous blog post on Accenture Recruitment Process 2020, you would have known that Accenture Recruitment 2020 is aiming to hire for two roles, Associate Software Engineer and Full Stack Engineer, with salary packages Rs.4,50,000 and Rs.6,50,000 per annum respectively.

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Accenture Recruitment 2020 hiring process will follow Zonal Level Recruitment approach this year.

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Now, we are pretty aware of the Accenture recruitment process and the related stuff. But we shouldn’t stop here. As some of you should have heard, Accenture hit some of the Indian campuses on Tuesday (August 13, 2019). We are able to gather some interesting, but important updates from the Accenture Recruitment Drive that had just completed here. Keep reading to know all about this here…

Accenture Recruitment 2020 – Assessment Process:

As the first step, the company has conducted a communication assessment among the students. Once the communication assessment is over, the candidates who cleared this assessment have allowed proceeding further through cognitive and technical assessment.

The details of the Cognitive and Technical assessment are given below.

Accenture Recruitment 2020 – Test Pattern Changed!

If you are of the thought there is no change in Accenture Test Pattern this year, you are wrong! According to the latest updates, we came to know that Accenture Recruitment 2020 – Cognitive and Technical Assessment was conducted via Wheebox/Cocubess, and there was a change in the test pattern faced by the students yesterday.

If you shouldn’t have a surprise at the last minute, you must check the updated test pattern of Accenture Recruitment 2020 right now.

Accenture Recruitment 2020 – Latest Updated Test Pattern & Syllabus

The duration of Cognitive & Technical Assessment Test will be 90 minutes, where you will face 90 questions. There is no sectional time limit. See all the details below:


No. Of Questions

Important Topics

English & Verbal


Paragraphs, Synonyms, Antonyms, Comprehension reading, Plural nouns,

Odd one out, One word substitution

Logical Reasoning


Coding-Decoding, Statement, Argument

Syllogism, Cause and effect, Venn diagram-based questions, Next number in series type



Profit and Loss, Height and Direction, Work and Time, Trigonometry, Simple and Compound interest, Percentage



Pseudocode - Output-type questions using C language like functions and pre & post-increment/decrement. 8 to 9 Questions on: Basics of MS Office (Excel, Word, Outlook), Extensions of file types, Commands and shortcut keys for performing certain operations

Note: There is no negative marking but there is sectional cutoff, which will be kept undisclosed to you. After completing this 90-minute test, if your score falls inside this cutoff, you will see a pop menu asking if you want to appear for higher package role i.e. FSE (Full Stack Engineer). See the full stack engineer section below for more details.

If you haven’t qualified, your test ends here, and you are disqualified.

Full Stack Engineer Role Questions:

For FSE round, you will face a coding round consisting of 2 questions to be done in 45 minutes.

These coding questions will comparatively fall under easy level of difficulty and will focus primarily on the following topics:

    • Factorial
    • Prime numbers
    • Factors
    • LCM/HCF
    • Armstrong numbers
    • Fibonacci sequence

As you see, these can be attempted in no time if you have enough practice and it’s going to be the cake of the walk in your Accenture Recruitment 2020.

We would suggest that one must focus on written test and aim to qualify the same because next coding round is going to be easy. This will subsequently take you to the higher package with FSE role. Aim bigger & Achieve bigger!!

Accenture Recruitment – Highlights on the Latest Updates

  • Total test duration is not 60 minutes, but it’s 90 minutes
  • The number of sections is not 3, but 4
  • There is technical round with 30 questions
  • Pseudocodes are going to be the highlight in the technical section
  • There is no negative marking, but there is sectional cut-off
  • Basics things like MS office, file extensions, and shortcut keys are not to be ignored
  • There are bright chances that you can also attend FSE role round if you clear this test

Accenture Recruitment 2020 – Preparation:

If you want to stay on top of these new test patterns and last-minute surprises, you need to make sure you are preparing well. We are now aware that Wheebox/Cocubes recruitment was used by the company this year with brand new test patterns, with lots of surprising stuff. Now, all we have to do is to start practicing for these new patterns, in order not to lose out.

Where can we start this?

Your practice starts right here. Our “Accenture Supernova Accenture Supernova 3 Tests Pack (Wheebox/Cocubes)” will allow you to practice accenture aptitude, coding and communication assessment questions as per its syllabus and test pattern 2020. We have crafted these packages for the benefit of Accenture aspirants like you. Do not let our efforts on communicating these pattern updates and preparing mock tests to go waste. Your success is our reward!

This pack also includes a separate coding section for 45 minutes, which will prepare you for the Full Stack Engineer role round as well.


Accenture Recruitment 2020 FAQs:

1. What platform is used for the Accenture Recruitment 2020?

As per the latest information, Accenture is using "Wheebox/Cocubes" for its placements.

2. Is there a change in test pattern compared to the last year?

Yes, the test pattern of the Accenture Recruitment 2020 has witnessed a change this year. The details on the test pattern and syllabus are covered above.

3. How long is the Accenture Recruitment Online Test?

The total duration of the test will be 90 minutes, where you will face 90 questions.

4. Is there any sectional time limit?

No, there is no sectional time limit. You need to face 90 questions in 90 minutes overall.

5. Is there any cut-off to clear the Accenture Online Test?

Yes, there is a sectional cut-off, but it will not be disclosed to the test takers.

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