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Campus placements? One day it's glorious to someone and it's a scorching hot mess to another one. Seriously, it will not depend on anyone's fortune on that particular day but actually on your determination, hard work, and preparation.

Students in general, have a careless attitude till the first company marks it foot to their respective campuses. When the season gets started all students will rush to Google typing find placement papers for XYZ companies. The campus placement season is fast approaching and it’s giving students sleepless nights. Many students face a big question — how should I prepare for campus placement?

No matter which college you are studying, No matter which companies are coming for campus placements. For each and every company there are a lot of resources like placement papers, test pattern, company insights are available on the internet. This article is about a few such websites which have plenty of resources for campus placements that a final year student should know about it.

A short comparison of Pariksha, Campusgate, Hitbullseye, Freshersworld, and PlacementSeason.


Pariksha is a new online placement test preparation platform comprised of practice and assessment. They are known for a hash tag #preparebetter. They are a technology centric platform and offer features like in depth analytical feedback, adaptive & mastery based learning and a gamified environment to practice; whereas others players are primarily content centric platforms. Pariksha allows students to create a separate profile. At starting the level you are subjected to get a beginner title, as the number of tests increases you are provided with various badges and certificates. You can practice pariksha aptitude questions for campus placement.


  • Gamified and Interactive website
  • User-friendly test preparation platform
  • Live tests and free variety of topic specific tests


  • Lack of preparatory materials for placements
  • No company specific mock tests
  • Limited access to free users.


Campusgate is also one among the competitors of placement resources providing websites. Its measured volume of placement papers in particular to bulk recruiters and their recruitment strategies makes campusgate one of the popular websites. They follow a countable number of companies and provide previous year test papers, preparatory materials, test pattern etc to these companies only. They are popular for companies’ test papers like TCS, Infosys, Wipro, IBM, Tech Mahindra, CTS. Their content varies from General Aptitude, Verbal & Reasoning, programming questions and MCQ, Interview Experiences, puzzles and a lot more technical topics.


  • Large Content
  • Wide areas of topics


  • Poorly designed website
  • Questions are updated very rarely.
  • No Company-Specific Tests
  • Concentrating only on bulk players


Hitbullseye serves student community over half a decade by providing placement resources, video lectures, and mock tests for various competitive exams. Hitsbullseye placement resources include interview preparation hubs, company specific test pattern, mock tests and preparatory materials. They have a huge quantity of content regarding aptitude and technical topics. They provide in-depth preparation material for Campus Placement Training coupled with expert advice. They strongly believe that their platform can offer students an edge over others. 


  • Well structured and planned website design though it contains huge content it won't confuse users.
  • Company specific test pattern and video lectures


  • Very rarely updated content
  • Fewer reviews for company specific mock tests 


Freshersworld is considered as number one job portal site for freshers with a count of 10 million users. was started as a blog in 2006. In the first month itself, they crossed 100K visits. At that point of time, there was not even a single entity concentrating its effort on a very important segment- the grads right out of college. They notify fresher’s on various interview dates, companies expectation etc. Freshersworld provides free resources like Interview preparation, aptitude preparation, general knowledge and placement papers.


  • Wide range of contents
  • Reliable job information


  • Confusing user interface and cram-full home page
  • A lot of ads makes it difficult for the user to navigate around or to stay focused.


PlacementSeason is the pioneer in the employability enhancement services over the past decade. They are providing about 200+ company specific mock test and over 5000+ students got benefited by practicing with this site every day. They will change the way you prepare. The analytics are so strong that they will pin point your strengths, weaknesses, accuracy, and speed. The platform tracks your performance real time/over time and continuously offers error free feedbacks. Unlike other test series packages, PlacementSeason offers you a highly personalized experience according to your level of preparation. Adding to that, PlacementSeason is used by a large student community with whom you can compare, discuss and get feedback. 


  • Precise company specific mock tests
  • Accurate and updated company test pattern
  • Discussion forum for placements
  • Real time experience of actual interview online test


  • Less content in preparatory materials


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