TCS CodeVita 2020 Season 9 Preparation – 5 Things to Crack the Contest

TCS CodeVita is one of the world’s largest coding contest conducted by the reputed organization – TATA Consultancy Services. Students across the globe compete in this contest to grab the prize offer & gain a chance to get recruited by the TCS.


A huge number of coders have registered for the contest and kick-started their preparation. Let’s swim across professional quick tips to power yourselves up for the TCS CodeVita 2020 Season 9.

1. First things first!

Before jumping on to the process of preparation, make sure that you have completed the registration process for TCS CodeVita 2020 Season 9 in a fulfilled manner.


TCS CodeVita 2020 registration window closes on 5th July 2020. If you haven’t done it yet, Click here.

2. You need a language to code

TCS provides you the liberty to code in the language of your choice. As TCS CodeVita is an intense coding contest, you need to pick a programming language to code in which you are well versed of. But there is nothing to worry about even if you are a cub among the pride of lions. We advise you to start practicing Python as it goes handy to the beginners.

3. Set your pace

Start practicing the coding questions in the ascending order of difficulty level. Instead of rushing up, make your steps of preparation at a steady pace. Your pace will let you buy some precious time for analyzing the ups and downs involved in your TCS CodeVita 2020 preparation.

4. Stick to PPP

PPP reminds you to Practice the Previous year Problems. Though the possibility to ask the same questions is significantly low, the previous year TCS CodeVita questions will help you to come across certain logics that could be asked again in TCS Codevita 2020.


Click here to start practicing the previous year TCS Codevita problems.

5. Practice is the key!

Solving as many number of mock test problems will increase your probability bar of cracking the contest. The more number of quality questions you practice, the more you gain the chances of cracking the contest. We have saved your time in finding a perfect destination to practice as we entrust our dedicated platform to you.


Click here for gaining high quality questions to crack TCS CodeVita 2020


To know more about the TCS CodeVita 2020 contest, read our blog post.

TCS CodeVita 2020 Preparatory Course

PlacementSeason has got an exquisite TCS Codevita Gamified Learning Course for the participants of TCS Codevita contest that takes place around the world. This course has been designed by our experts to equip the coders for the upcoming coding challenge of TCS. This TCS Codevita course is crafted with the important topics and as per the test pattern of TCS Codevita challenge & guide the learners to grab the title.



Why take this course?

  • TCS Codevita Gamified Learning will help in developing coding skill which is much needed in this trending generation.
  • TCS Codevita Gamified Learning will sharpen and enlighten the contestants programming skills.
  • TCS Codevita 2020 is a platform for students to practice and showcase their coding knowledge.
  • TCS Codevita 2020 provide exciting career opportunities for students, and also help students to get placed in TCS.

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