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The most-awaited TCS Ninja NQT 2020 has finally arrived. There is hardly 4 to 5 days left for preparation. This is the final week for TCS NQT 2020 preparation, and you are already aware of all the basic details of the test. So, there’s no point in indulging in the same preparation strategies and tips in the last week too. This week is different for you. It’s time to stay confident and composed. It’s time to pat yourself that you have taken care of all the essential things for the TCS NQT 2020 so as to attend the test and clear it successfully.

In the following article, let’s see the final week checklist and revision tips for TCS Ninja NQT 2020. We are certain that this will help keep you relaxed and unperturbed when you face the real TCS NQT 2020.

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Revision Checklist:

Make sure to revise the following things this week:

    • Quantitative Section: Formulae
    • Verbal Section: Grammar rules
    • Programming: Elements of C programming, algorithms, and data structures
    • Coding: Syntax

While revising these elements in each section, take a couple of examples. As such, at least one example should be on the simple application of the concept, while the others should be on the complex applications combining several concepts. This method will help you understand how a simple concept can be used in a variety of applications.

We would also recommend you to go through the tests that you have already taken and look at the questions where you went wrong. Verify if you have learned the basics in the right way so that the same mistake doesn’t repeat.

Analysis Checklist:

Now, it’s time to analyze your thought process. How can you do this? Answer the following questions:

  • What is your mindset when you take the test?
  • How many questions could you attend?
  • What is the accuracy percentage in these tests?
  • Which section will help you increase the score? Have you covered all the basics in that section?
  • Which section will trouble you? How can you improve the performance in this section to help you land in the safe zone?
  • Will I able to solve the question that could not while taking the test?
  • Have I forgotten the formulas and/or concepts?

Revise with TCS Ninja NQT Mock Tests:

One thing that can’t be denied even by the most successful people is the need for practice. Before every cricket match, our players will make sure to do the net practice. This is not because they are not confident about their performance, but to make sure that they experience the actual match-like conditions even before the actual match day. Likewise, it’s important for you to attempt the TCS Ninja NQT-like test conditions and try to answer probable TCS Ninja NQT questions.

By now, you would have gone through the revision checklist mentioned above. You would be thorough with the basic concepts and have taken notes for your final reference. However, you must understand that revising the checklist and attempting the actual test are two different things.

Taking the actual TCS Ninja NQT involves how you react to the pressure, be it time pressure or competition pressure. This is what is going to reward you. This is why taking TCS Ninja NQT mock tests is important. It will help you simulate the actual test scenario before attempting the biggest one!

Simulate Your Test-Taking Behavior:

There are possibilities that in the Quants section, which is the strongest area for most of the students, the first 3 to 4 questions are tougher than expected. If you are not able to attempt them even after 15 mins, think how will you recover from this? It can be just as simple as the next few questions can be easier than you expected. In this situation, all you need to do is to regain your composure quick enough so that you don’t lose on the easy questions as well.

The scenario can be the other way too. You may start well. You have attempted the first few questions in English Section with greater confidence as they were easy than you expected; how will you carry forward this momentum to the rest of the test? All these will represent test-taking behavior.

Taking mock tests will help you realize how you act and react in these situations and take necessary corrective measures.

TCS Ninja NQT Test-Taking Strategies:

The test-taking strategies are the pre-defined plans to approach the exam so as to leverage all your pluses to maximize the scores. Try to analyze yourself using the following questions:

    • Which type of questions do you attend first?
    • Which are the questions you shouldn’t attend?
    • How long do you spend on a particular type of questions?

All these form the basis of your test-taking strategies. Remember, TCS Ninja NQT is a test with time limits for each section. Therefore, you need to strategize on how long you spend for each section. Taking mock tests will offer a great way to analyze your test-taking strategies.

TCS Ninja NQT Performance Analysis:

TCS Ninja NQT is not just about the test-taking experience and attempting various test-taking strategies. The way you perform in the test only will pave the road map for final week preparation. You must note that strengths and weaknesses are related to one another. In an area where you feel you are weak, there are chances that you perform better than others due to the difficulty level. All these can be understood only by doing a post-test analysis after taking mock tests. This performance analysis will help you fill the gaps in your preparation during this final week.

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