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For the past one month, the students across the nation are chanting the mantra called “TCS NQT 2020.” TCS announcements on TNQT 2020 or TCSNQT 2020 or TCS National Qualifier Test 2020 have come to us with a never-seen-before bang. Last month, we received the information that the TCS is planning to recruit the students through TNQT just like the previous year.

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However, what we can understand from all the speculations about the TNQT 2020 we received so far is that it’s going to be much bigger this year. It won’t be nothing wrong to mention TCS NQT 2020 is the biggest recruitment drive for the students this year. We are aware already that there will be at least 10 to 20% increase in the number of fresher intake when compared to the last year intake (last year, it was 30,000+ for TCS Ninja and 400 for TCS Digital). K
now the TCS Ninja and TCS Digital Difference.

When it comes to the salary package, there are speculations that there will be up to 50% hike when compared to the last year packages. Not just these, this year, the TNQT 2020 is going to be open for the students from all the colleges/universities, unlike last year, which was open only to accredited colleges.

Having said this, let’s dive into the main topic now:

Changes in TCS NQT 2020 Dates:

Until July 10th, the last date of registration for TNQT 2020 was “July 10th, 2019” and the date of TCS National Qualifier Test was July 20th, 2019. When the whole nation was thinking that the TCS NQT Registration Process will be closed on July 10th, it was official from TCS that the registration dates are extended, and the exam dates are postponed.

Accordingly, see the latest TNQT 2020 date information below:

Registration Started on 7th June 2019
Registration Closing on 24th July 2019
Hall Ticket To be Issued on 31st July 2019
Online Evaluation Dates 3rd and 4th August 2019
TCS Interviews Start On From 9th August 2019

TNQT 2020 Changes in a Nutshell:

What’s Changed? What’s Not Changed?
  • Last Date of Registration
  • Hall Ticket Issue Date
  • Date of Online Evaluations
  • Date of Interviews
  • Test Centers (if given earlier)
  • Syllabus
  • Test Patterns
  • Eligibility Criteria
  • Registration Process
  • Test Duration

Points to Remember:

  • If you have already received the “Test Center” information, it will remain unchanged.
  • If you wish to change your “Test Center,” you can do that by going into “Update Drive Details.”
  • If you have already completed the TCS NQT Registration Process, you will see a blank in the place of “Test Center.” Note: This is nothing to worry about.
  • You may see the Test Date as 3rd August although the test is scheduled on 3rd and 4th This is presumed to be a system error, which will be fixed very soon.

Take Away:


All the events in life have their own set of pros and cons. When it comes to TNQT 2020 date change, it’s good in one side. You have gotten an additional 20 days to prepare for the TCS NQT and more than 10 days to complete the TCS NQT registration process. So, if you haven’t registered yet, and thinking to do it now, you can take this opportunity and go ahead. The students, who are in their first steps of preparation, or who haven’t started the preparation yet will also have the chance of clearing the examination. All you need to clear TNQT 2020 is clear planning and strategic preparation. Above all, if your exam date falls on August 4th, you can take the chance and get to see the questions appeared on 3rd August test, and grind your preparations accordingly.


On the other side, this TCS NQT date change doesn’t come without disadvantage. The biggest disadvantage is that as the date of registration has been extended, there are possibilities for a higher number of candidates enrolling for the online test. Also, as the online exam dates have been changed from one day to two days, it’s quite obvious now that the number of candidates already registered for TNQT 2020 is much higher than expected earlier. All these factors will convert into unforeseen competition level for the candidates. This means that unless you are staying strong in your knowledge and skills, you will miss out. Your preparation shouldn’t stop just with getting thorough with fundamentals and concepts. You should be thorough enough to solve the questions in a timely manner. For all these, you would need to take and retake mock tests in a TCS NQT-like setting.

Only such approaches will make you employable with Tech-giants like TCS. Mere book reading and regular practicing won’t be enough! Come. Start Practicing with us!

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