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Note: The TCS NQT 2020 dates have been changed (postponed as of July 10th, 2019). We have updated the dates accordingly in all our blog posts. All the dates mentioned in our blog posts are in-line with the latest information.

If you have registered for TCS National Qualifier Test 2020, which is also called TCS NQT 2020 or TNQT 2020, we would say you have made the right decision. Starting a career with a global leader as a fresher is good considering that you will be trained in assurance/BIPM/C++ and Unix/Java. So, it doesn’t matter if you are a non-IT background as you will be trained enough. But, to enter into a giant company like TCS is not that easy.

From the last year, TCS has started the national-level assessments to choose the best among the best talents of the country. This year, the company has announced the TCS National Qualifier Test 2020 with a new josh. Nearly 40k fresh graduate hires are expected from the company. The recruitment drive includes an online evaluation followed by a personal interview.

TCS Ninja National Qualifier Test Pattern is as follows:


# of Questions





Quantitative Aptitude



Programming Logic






In the above para, we were speaking about the entry into TCS by a non-IT candidate, right? The TCS NQT 2020 test pattern speaks a lot about programming and coding. While the students can easily get through the first two sections, English and Quantitative Aptitude easily, most of the students, especially from a non-IT background will find it difficult to crack the coding section. Failing in the coding section will cause your career and future in TCS.

Don’t panic! Being from a non-IT field doesn’t mean that you need to lose out in the competition. Read the following article to get more insights on how to prepare command line programming in c for tcs nqt?

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TCS NQT 2020 Coding Section:

Generally, TCS will allow you to code in five different programming languages:

  • C
  • C++
  • Python
  • Perl
  • Java

In this, most of the candidates, especially from a non-IT field will choose to code using C language, which is comparatively easy.

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Is Command Line Programming Important for you?

First, understand that it’s possible for you to pass certain values from the command line to the C programs when you are executing it. As such, these are known as “command line arguments” and often, these hold significant for your program, especially when you want to control it from outside rather than hard-coding such values from inside the code.

Example: add 6 and 7

Here, add 6 and 7 are your command line arguments.

Note that whenever you transfer these command line arguments to the code, those arguments will be passed as “strings.” As such, these strings must be converted into appropriate data types depending upon your program needs. This makes it essential for you to learn “pointers” if you want to use command line arguments.

Now, let’s try to answer the main question, “Should you learn Command Line Programming being a non-IT student to pass TCS NQT 2020?”

Let’s split this question into two:

Will they come in “Programming Concepts?”

The answer is, “YES.” In the previous TCS Ninja NQT papers, we could see a question on “command line arguments” in Programming Concepts section.

Will they come in “Coding Section?”

The answer is, “NO.” A thing to be noted here is that the company wants candidates from both IT and non-IT background, and as there is no choice in the coding section, the command line programming will not be asked in the coding section. Hence, there is no need to panic. Take a breath and start practicing the repeated coding questions that were seen in previous TCS Ninja tests.

Why is it good to learn command line programming?

Although it’s not mandatory to learn command line programming, it’s good to learn it for the following reason:

Command line programs are easy. In a regular program, you won’t know the number of elements that need to be passed. On the other hand, in the command line programming, you can directly extract them from the given arguments. In normal coding, you will have to write extra code in order to get information rather working on the information. For this reason, it’s always better to learn command line programming than your regular programming.

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