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Note: The TCS NQT 2020 dates have been changed (postponed as of July 10th, 2019). We have updated the dates accordingly in all our blog posts. All the dates mentioned in our blog posts are in-line with the latest information.

Hello again to all prospective TCS Ninjas! How far are you with the TCS National Qualifier Test 2020/TCS NQT 2020/TNQT 2020 preparations? With hardly 20 more days for the exam, several doubts arise among the candidates who have registered for the TCS NQT 2020.

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As you all know, TCS National Qualifier Test 2020 is an all-India recruitment drive, which will start with an online evaluation on August 3rd and 4th, 2019, and will be followed by a personal interview. For more details on the test dates and updated test patterns, please check this blog post: TCS Ninja National Qualifier Test for 2020 - Exam Date, Question Pattern, Eligibility, & More

Now, let’s see about pass marks for TCS NQT 2020 and last minute preparation tips here:

How many marks you should score to pass the TNQT 2020?

Since the start of the TNQT 2020 registration process, we have been receiving lots of queries from the students regarding the pass marks for the TNQT 2020. For all the students who are looking for the answer to this question of pass mark, what we like to say is, to pass any test, we need to prepare well. In the case of national qualifier tests, such as TNQT 2020, just good preparation won’t suffice. Moreover, with a huge surge in the number of students appearing for the online test this year, the competition is an all-time high. This means you will need a finer preparation.

Here, you must understand that finer preparation doesn’t mean that you need to study everything and anything you find online or in books. Rather, you need to take a very strategic approach towards it. One easy way to crack the exam is by getting thorough on the previous year TCS Ninja questions.

To put it simply, if you want to ensure a spot in TCS NQT 2020, you must think more than just passing the online evaluation. However, the minimum pass percentage will be 60%, which can vary according to the number of students who clear the examination. There are chances that this percentage can be increased if more candidates clearing the exam with fewer posts available. So, you need to be ready for any last-minute surprises for which your preparation needs to be finer and finer.

TNQT 2020 Last-Minute Preparation Tips:

If you are not confident about your TCS NQT 2020 preparation, we have some last-minute preparation tips that could actually work. Let’s see the tips here:

Aptitude: When it comes to aptitude, practice a lot of it. Remember, aptitude isn’t just about the accuracy, but it’s also how quickly you can solve it. You will not get more than one minute for each question. Although the questions are not timed, if you happen to give more than one minute per question, you will not have sufficient time to attend all the questions.

You are advised to get thorough with the aptitude questions that were repeatedly seen in previous TCS Ninja Tests.

Watch Our Repeat Quants Questions Webinars:

TCS Ninja NQT Repeat Quant Questions - Part 2

TCS Ninja NQT Repeat Quant Questions - Part 3

Technical: In the technical section, the questions will mostly be related to programming, database, and so on. According to our expert team, the questions will focus on what you have learned in your degree programs, and then, they will move forward to some sticky stuff.

Coding: When it comes to coding section, you will attend only one question. However, you are advised to practice coding a bit more than the fundamentals. According to our experts, the coding section will be the toughest, and hence, you are recommended to practice some complicated programs as well.

Watch Our Repeat Coding Questions Webinars:

TCS Ninja NQT Repeat Coding Questions in - Part 2

TCS Ninja NQT Repeat Coding Questions in - Part 3

Verbal: Generally, speaking fluent English is significant for any IT company. So, practice speaking English to get through.

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Final Thoughts:

The best possible way to prepare for the TCS NQT 2020 is to take a look at the syllabus and analyze which areas you are not confident at. Devise a schedule based on that. For most of the students, Quants and English will be an easy ride with Programming Concepts and Coding the toughest ones. To help with these, we have created two packages with high quality learning content and also contains TCS NQT Preparation Tips to get the required TCS NQT Cut off 2020.

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