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TCS Recruitment 2020 is on the marks now. Some students have already attended and even cracked TCS Digital 2020 exams while some of you are still waiting for their turns. On the other hand, TCS Ninja preparations are going on with the bang. Be it TCS Digital or TCS Ninja, TCS coding questions are difficult to crack.

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TCS NQT 2020 registration process is closed now! As we all know, TCS NQT 2020 has been postponed a few days ago. One thing is quite obvious from these date changes. The number of TCS NQT 2020 participants is going to increase, which will convert into an increased competition. At this point in time, you must be aware of yourself and where you stand in the TCS NQT 2020 or TNQT 2020 radar.

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When it comes to TCS Recruitment, one section that breaks the minds of the students is TCS coding questions and programming MCQs Let’s see how the TCS Coding Questions are evaluated, and the ways to crack the section here:

An Overview of TCS NQT 2020 – TCS Coding Questions:

In the TCS NQT 2020, there is a section allocated to test your coding ability. In this section, you will have to answer one TCS coding question, which will usually be in the form of a story or a case study. As such, for this TCS Coding Section, you will be asked to write a program that takes the input in one format and give the output in the required format.

In both TCS Digital and TCS Ninja, the coding section is set to be mandatory, which means you will have no choice, but to attend it.

Important Rules to follow while solving TCS Coding Questions:

In TCS Digital, you will be given 55 minutes to solve the TCS Coding Question, whereas, in the TCS Ninja NQT, you will be given 30 minutes to solve the question. You can take the TCS Coding questions in any of the five programming languages: C, C++, Java, Python, and Perl.

Having gone through the basic things, we can move on to the next section:

Answering TCS Coding Questions:

Which programming language should you choose to answer?

This is a very basic question each, and every TCS NQT 2020 participant has in his/her mind. Should you use C or C++? Will Java, Perl, or Python give you extra marks?

The answer is pretty simple. You won’t get any extra mark based on the programming language you choose. Moreover, if you happen to make a few mistakes by choosing a language in which you are not comfortable, the penalty will be larger. So, we would advise you to stick to the language which you are comfortable with. As long as the output is correct, the programming language you chose won’t come into the scene.

How much Coding knowledge do you require?

Here’s some good news for you!

You don’t require in-depth coding knowledge to crack TCS Coding Questions. The questions are more likely to be straightforward. You need not worry about algorithms, command-line programs, and data structures. You don’t have to panic about linked lists, stacks, queues, and trees. That must be a big relief to you, right?

You can expect questions on:

  • Basic loops like:
    • For loop
    • While loop
  • Conditional Statements like:
    • Switch statements
    • If-else

In most cases, you will be asked to write programs using conditional statements and loops with arrays and strings.

Overall, you have only limited syllabus to cover for the TCS Coding Questions to clear TCS NQT 2020. So, channelize your preparations likewise.

TCS Coding Questions Evaluation:

It’s to be understood that the real complexity of TCS Coding Questions lies not in answering them, but how they will be evaluated. With lakhs of students going to attend the TCS NQT 2020, it’s not the examiner who will read your answers, but there is a novel paradigm of evaluation in TCS NQT 2020 Coding Section.

Your answers to the TCS Coding Questions are going to be evaluated by a computerized evaluation system that will automatically assign you marks based on the “OUTPUT.”

For your better understanding, the TCS Coding Questions evaluation is quite different from your lab exams in your college. Here, your program will be sent to a server located in the cloud, wherein the compiler will compile your program and create the object file. Due to this reason, it’s important for you to submit the program without any Compilation Error. In case, if the compiler fails, you will be left out with zero marks for the TCS Coding Section.

It’s essential that you check the code beforehand, and identify any compile-time errors. If your code is compiled successfully, an executable file will be produced by the compiler. A special program called “Judge Program” is used to capture the executable program, and allocate marks for the TCS Coding questions.

How does Judge Program work?

About 20 to 30 test cases are fed to the Judge program. As soon as you submit your program, an exe file will be created. The judge program that runs your program will give the first set of inputs and look at the output. In case your output matches the expected output, you will be given 1-mark for every passing test case. If there is even a slight difference, you will end up with zero marks. Note: There’s no partial marking in this case.

From this, we can say that the Judge program is the Real Test of the TCS Coding Questions. If you need to get a good score in the TCS Coding Section, you must impress this Judge Program. Sounds interesting?

At PlacementSeason, we are using a TCS NQT-like platform, which will give you the feeling of taking the real test in advance. And, we are also offering TCS NQT Mock Tests following the updated test patterns. Rest assured, you can practice TCS Coding Questions in a TCS NQT-like setting, and brush yourself for the real TCS NQT 2020.

Steps to solve the TCS Coding Questions:

Here are the steps to solve the TCS Coding questions easily:

  • Understand the Story: Spend the first 5 to 6 minutes to understand the story given to you and figure out what needs to be calculated. In case, if your English is not that sound, you must make sure to spend more time to read and understand your TCS coding question.
  • Read the Input: Now, you wouldn’t know how to find the answer, but you know how to take the input. So, you should read the value of “N,” declare the array and start reading N-1 values into that array.
  • Crack the Core Logic: Now, you must figure out how to convert the data into the answer. By this time, you will have approx. 20 minutes left. So, use this time wisely to exhibit your coding knowledge.


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