Started in 1981 with a capital of 250 USD, Infosys has now become a global leader in technology, consulting and outsourcing solutions. They have a unique approach to ‘help businesses flourish’. This means that they don't just solve the problems that their clients bring to them but also identify the problems that hinder the growth of enterprises and solve them too.

In the training for freshers, multiple technologies are taught to cope with the changing trends of the industry. The most important thing in training is the ability to learn and adapt to the new technologies. Post training, you will be assigned to work with one of the many development centers(DCs) in the country.

The actual work for freshers will begin once they join their DC and is assigned a manager and project. There are so many verticals in that you will be put in. Overall, it is going to be a great work experience and you will learn a lot of things.

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