C Programming

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C Programming Preparatory Course

C is a must-learn language for an aspiring programmer. Our C programming course is designed in “Easy to learn and easy to master” manner. Establish your programming skills with our effective course and unlock doors to clarity in all concepts of C.

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1.Introduction 2.Data Types, Variables, Constants
An Overview Data Types
Environment Setup Variables
Program Structure Constants
Basic Syntax Type Casting
Comments -
Escape Sequence -
3.Operators 4.Flow Control
Arithmetic Operators if statement
Relational Operators if..else statement
Logical Operators Nested if statements
Bitwise Operators Switch Statements
Assignment Operators For Loop
Operators Precedence While Loop
- Do While Loop
- goto
5.Arrays 6.Strings
1D Array Strings
2D Array String Functions
Multidimensional Arrays -
7.Pointers 8.Storage Classes
Pointers Auto Storage Class
Pointers Arithmetic Register Storage Class
Pointer to Pointer Static Storage Class
- Extern Storage Class
9.Structure & Union 10.File Handling
Structure Writing a File
Union Reading a File
Enum -
11.Preprocessors 12.Functions
Preprocessors Functions
Header Files Function Call by Value
Flow controls Function Call By Address
- Functions and Pointers
- Function Variable Scopes
- Local Variables
- Global Variables
- Recursion
13.Memory Management
Memory Management
Dynamic Memory Allocation

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