Data Structures and Algorithms

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Data Structures and Algorithms Preparatory Course

Data Structures and Algorithms are among the essential topics for any programmer, for getting a job or doing well in a job. Our Data Structures and Algorithms course is tailored in such a way that they are easy to learn and master. Buy this course today to advance your software engineering career.
Not only the skills in data structures and algorithms will help you land a high-paying job, but also it will help you to sustain and do well in your job.
Our Data Structures and Algorithms Preparatory Course includes concept videos for each topic along with solution videos for the complex programs. With these, you can learn algorithmic techniques for solving a variety of computational problems. Thus, you will get a treasury of knowledge to solve the programming challenges that you may encounter at your next job interview. The primary objective of PlacementSeason’s “Data Structures and Algorithms Preparatory Course” is to help you get ahead in Top IT companies’ interviews. With rigorous practice and re-practice of problems based on data structures and algorithms, our preparatory course will ensure you will perform well in the upcoming placement season.

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Concept videos for each topic and solution videos for complex programs.

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1.Introduction 2.Algorithm 3.Sorting Algorithm
An Overview Greedy Algorithm Bubble Sort
Environment Setup Divide & Conquer Algorithm Selection Sort
Fundamental elements & Prerequisites Dynamic Programming Insertion Sort
Asymptotic Notations - Merge Sort
- - Quick Sort
- - Shell Sort
- - Heap sort
4.Searching Algorithm 5.Array DS 6.Linked List DS
Linear Search 1D & 2D Arrays Linked List
Binary Search Mapping 2D to 1D Array Singly Linked List
Hash Tables - Doubly Linked List
- - Circular Linked List
7.Stack DS 8.Queue DS 9.Graph DS
Stacks Queues Graphs
Array Implementation Array Implementation Implementation
Linked List Implementation Linked List Implementation Traversal
Expression Evaluation & Conversion Priorirty Queue Spanning Tree
- Circular Queue -
- Double Ended Queue -
10.Tree DS 11.Heap DS
Trees Heaps
Binary Tree Types of Heap
Binary Search Tree -
AVL Tree -
Red-Black Tree -
Spaly Tree -

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