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Weekly Once

2 Topic wise Coding Test and 5 Aptitude MCQ Test

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1 Coding assessment and 1 Aptitude Full Length Test

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Monthly Once

1 National Level Coding Contest

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Company Tests

Practice unlimited company mock tests


PlacementSeason brings you the most comprehensive online live classes and company specific practice tests which are acknowledged for their best-in-class quality. The online practice tests provide you the right dimension to boost your score, minimize your test anxiety, build confidence and continuous evaluation of your performance.

JANUARY 2018 TO MAY 2018

Every week for 20 weeks we will conduct a 90mins instructor-led online session that covers all Aptitude topics with doubt clearing sessions.


Weekly twice the students can avail a 90min session on test taking strategies of top-notch IT and ITES companies.

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Test Schedule

Phase 1:

January 2018 to May 2018

Test Topic 1 Test Topic 2
Week 1 Command Line Arguments, I/O Statements Conditional statements
Week 2 Loops Array
Week 3 String Function
Week 4 Structure/Class Inheritance
Week 5 Polymorphism Polymorphism
Week 6 Stack Queue
Week 7 Linked List Linked List
Week 8 Tree Tree
Week 9 Searching & Sorting Searching & Sorting
Week 10 Heap Heap
Week 11 Recursion Recursion
Week 12 Hashing Hashing
Week 13 Graph Graph
Week 14 Dynamic Programming Dynamic Programming
Week 15 Greedy Algorithm Greedy Algorithm
Week 16 Divide and Conquer Algorithm Divide and Conquer Algorithm
Week 17 Backtracking Algorithm Backtracking Algorithm
Week 18 Miscellaneous Miscellaneous
Week 19 Miscellaneous Miscellaneous
Week 20 Miscellaneous Miscellaneous
Topic 1 Topic 2 Topic 3 Topic 4 Topic 5
Week 1 Number Letter Series Directions, Blood Relations Reading Comprehension 1 Sequence Series log Averages, Percentages
Week 2 Time and Work Clocks and Calendars Reading Comprehension 1 Sentence Correction Visual reasoning
Week 3 Parajumbles Ratio Proportion Variation Mixture Time Speed and Distance Cubes and Venn Diagrams Stocks, Derivative and Trigonometry
Week 4 Permutation and Combination Probability Directions, Blood Relations Vocabulary Number Letter Series
Week 5 Syllogisms Reading Comprehension 2 Profit loss Discount Partnership Sentence Correction 1 Critical Reasoning 1
Week 6 Circle and Coordinate Geometry Sequence Series log Reading Comprehension 2 Averages Percentages Interest Lines Angles triangles
Week 7 Sentence Correction 1 Clocks and Calendars Time Speed and Distance Stocks, Derivative and Trigonometry Vocabulary
Week 8 Level 1 - Number System 1 Level 1 - Distribution Binary Puzzle Level 2 - Parajumbles Level 1 - Calculation Techniques Level 1 - Analytical Reasoning
Week 9 Linear and Quadratic Equation Reading Comprehension 2 Data Interpretation Time and Work Data Sufficiency
Week 10 Reading Comprehension 3 Critical Reasoning 1 Mensuration Number System Sentence Correction
Week 11 Cubes and Venn Diagrams Permutation and Combination Probability Syllogisms Reading Comprehension 3
Week 12 Critical Reasoning Number System Linear and Quadratic Equation Sentence Correction 2 Distribution Binary Puzzle
Week 13 Profit loss Discount Partnership Ratio Proportion Variation Mixture Reading Comprehension Sentence Correction Number System
Week 14 Critical Reasoning 2 Parajumbles Calculation Techniques Clocks and Calendars Directions, Blood Relations
Week 15 Data Interpretation Averages Percentages Interest Sentence Correction 3 Reading Comprehension 4 Number Letter Series
Week 16 Circle and Coordinate Geometry Critical Reasoning 2 Data Sufficiency Time Speed and Distance Business English
Week 17 Permutation and Combination Distribution Binary Puzzle Probability Critical Reasoning 2 Business English
Week 18 Attention to details Visual reasoning Profit loss Discount Partnership Ratio Proportion Variation Mixture Sentence Correction 3
Week 19 Flow Chart Analytical Reasoning Mensuration Sentence Correction 3 Critical Reasoning 3
Week 20 Number System 2 Analytical Reasoning Time and Work Data Sufficiency Data Interpretation

Phase 2:

June 2018 to September 2018

Test Topics
Company-Specifc Tests
and lots more companies..
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