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Witness the changeover from an ordinary programmer to a great one.

Want to level up your programming skills? You’re at the right space! Our course will skill-sculpt you by making you master all the technically intricate details. The profound team at PlacementSeason has created advanced level programs to turn you an adept programmer. Practice diligently and becoming an excellent programmer is assured.

Ample Practice

The course includes 250+ coding questions parted under Topic wise tests, Short revision and long revision tests. You can code in C, C++ or Java.

Video Solutions New

All complex programs will have video solutions which will help you to understand the programs in the easiest way.

Unique reports

 Access complete analysis, answers and explanations for all the programs of the test for future reference.

Suitable For
Third Year (Circuit Branch) Final Year ( Circuit Branch)
Target companies
Google Microsoft Oracle
Paypal Zoho Cisco
Flipkart SAP Freshdesk
Cisco and many other big companies technical rounds.

Errors are common. Learning to fix them matters. Let’s fine-tune your coding!

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Programming Test Schedule
Command Line Arguments, I/O Statements Short Revision Test 1 Long Revision Test 1
Conditional statements
String Short Revision Test 2
Structure and Class
Polymorphism I Short Revision Test 3 Long Revision Test 2
Polymorphism II
Linked List I Short Revision Test 4
Linked List II
Tree I
Tree II
Searching & Sorting I Short Revision Test 5 Long Revision Test 3
Searching & Sorting II
Heap I
Heap II
Recursion I Short Revision Test 6
Recursion II
Hashing I
Hashing II
Graph I Short Revision Test 7 Long Revision Test 4
Graph II
Dynamic Programming I
Dynamic Programming II
Greedy Algorithm I Short Revision Test 8
Greedy Algorithm II
Divide and Conquer Algorithm I
Divide and Conquer Algorithm II
Backtracking Algorithm I Short Revision Test 9 Long Revision Test 5
Backtracking Algorithm II
Miscellaneous I
Miscellaneous II
Miscellaneous III Short Revision Test 10
Miscellaneous IV
Miscellaneous V
Miscellaneous VI

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