Programming for Placements- Service Companies

Go beyond the programming concepts and learn the art of coding!

Are you the one who knows the programming basics but still can’t code properly? Want to apply the learned concepts into programs? This course is designed aptly for you. We make you do the creative endeavour of programming with several programs in each topic. Write and run your code. Cross check with our answers and correct your errors instantly. Become a fine programmer!

Ample Practice

The course includes 250+ coding questions parted under Topic wise tests, Short revision and long revision tests. You can code in C, C++ or Java.

Video Solutions New

All complex programs will have video solutions which will help you to understand the programs in the easiest way.

Unique reports

 Access complete analysis, answers and explanations for all the programs of the test for future reference.

Suitable For
Second Year (Circuit Branch) Third Year (Non Circuit Branch) Final Year (Non Circuit Branch)
Target companies
Accenture TCS Capgemini
Cognizant Wipro Infosys
HP Tech Mahindra HCL and many other IT service company rounds.

Errors are common. Learning to fix them matters. Let’s fine-tune your coding!

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Programming Test Schedule
C Fundamentals IO Statements Short Revision Test 1 Long Revision Test 1
Conditional statements
Array Short Revision Test 2
Searching and Sorting
Function I
Function II Short Revision Test 3 Long Revision Test 2
Pointers I
Pointers II
Type casting and Library functions Short Revision Test 4
Problem solving using Stack
Problem solving using Queue
Problem solving using Linked List I
Problem solving using Linked List II Short Revision Test 5 Long Revision Test 3
Miscellaneous I
Miscellaneous II
Miscellaneous III
Java Fundamentals, Objects Classes Short Revision Test 6
Types Variables Operators
Access control Class Scope
Design and Interface
Inheritance Short Revision Test 7 Long Revision Test 4
Polymorphism I
Polymorphism II
Loops Short Revision Test 8
Memory Management
Thread I
Thread II Short Revision Test 9 Long Revision Test 5
Exception Handling
Miscellaneous I
Miscellaneous II
Miscellaneous III Short Revision Test 10
Miscellaneous IV
Miscellaneous V
Miscellaneous VI

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