TCS Carnival 2019

"Flash Sale on July 24, 2019 (Wednesday)"

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What is TCS Carnival 2019?

With just a few days left for TCS placements, even the thoughts of the exam will get on your nerves. Your young talented mind would have been disturbed with several preparation materials and advises you find elsewhere. Do you know just a test package trio are more than enough to kiss a TCS job?

In this Flash Sale, which is going to take place on July 24th, 2019 (9 PM to 12 AM), we will give away all the three state-of-the-art TCS success essentials at the TCS Carnival Price.

Once Again For You!

"Flash sale on July 24, 2019 Wednesday"

Some chances in life will come only once. If we miss those chances, we will end up regretting for them throughout our life. Such a golden chance knocked at your doors on July 10th in the form of TCS Carnival 2019. We came to know some of you have regretted for having missed the chance.

Considering those brilliant minds who want to celebrate the TCS Carnival 2019 yet again, we are conducting a Flash Sale on July 24th, 2019! As we always say, your success is our first priority. Don’t miss the second but last chance to get nearer to your TCS dream.

TCS Ninja NQT 25 Days Challenge

To climb up the ladder of success with 25 Different TCS Ninja Challenges in a TCS Ninja-like setting.

TCS Ninja NQT – Set of 100 Repeated Coding Questions

To crack the most strenuous coding section in the TCS Ninja NQT by practicing 100 repeated TCS Ninja coding questions.

TCS Digital Exclusive 10-Test Package

To attain the unattainable TCS Digital role with our exclusive 10-Test package. TCS Digital is not a dream anymore. It’s a reality now!


TCS Ninja & Digital in a Nutshell

TCS National Qualifier Test 2020

The registrations for TCS Ninja National Qualifier Test 2020 closes on 10th July 2019.

TCS National Qualifier Test 2020

The All-India online evaluation for TCS Recruitment is scheduled on 20th July 2019.

TCS Digital Recruitment 2020

The TCS Digital Recruitments will take place for TCS Premium Colleges on various dates (Dates to be revealed to the respective colleges).

TCS Ninja and TCS Digital Expectations

Over 40,000 fresh hires this year is anticipated. The pay scale is predicted to be doubled this year.

TCS Ninja vs. TCS Digital

Candidates who perform exceptionally well in TCS Ninja NQT will be called for TCS Digital.