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TCS Digital is for Premium Minds! Come, Practice with Us to attain the unattainable! TCS Digital Profile is not a dream anymore!

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Gearing up for TCS Digital 2020?

You’re all lucky millennials we would say! This world has never witnessed such a technological outpour before! Thanks to those smart minds who paved the roads for this!

This year is extra special as the global Tech-Giant TCS is planning to hire freshers for their Digital profile. Do you know TCS generates much of its revenue from the Digital Technology? What if you are part of it? Happy? Joyful? Fortunate? Delighted? Contented? Euphoric? Words in English won’t be enough to describe your joy, right?

But wait!

Just dreaming won’t take you nearer to the success. We should work for it. Now, ask yourself if you are really ready to face the TCS Digital 2020 Test.

Why Prepare for TCS Digital?

While it’s true that the students from the TCS Premium Colleges only can participate in the TCS Digital Recruitment, it’s also true that we do exceptionally well in the TCS Ninja NQT 2020, you will be invited for TCS Digital. See the TCS Ninja and TCS Digital Difference Here.

No matter if you are from a TCS Premium College or any other college in India, it’s important that you stay prepared for this impressive TCS Digital profile. With a TCS Digital profile, you will get the opportunity to work in current hot technologies, such as Big Data, NodeJS, ReactJS, Agile Methodology, Salesforce, and many more. More important of all, the average pay scale for TCS Digital roles will be 7,00,000 INR per annum.

With all the above perks, TCS Digital is not deserved to be missed! You must prepare for TCS Digital as you prepare for TCS Ninja NQT equally.

Grind Yourself & Fly High

You have checked the TCS Digital Exam pattern and syllabus. You may feel confident about some sections, but may not feel the same with some others? What now?

Does this mean you can’t crack TCS Digital? Not so.

With continuous practice, nothing is impossible! Break the ice with PlacementSeason’s TCS Digital 2020 Mock Test Exclusive 10-Tests Package.

Package Details


10 TCS Digital Mock Tests in 10 Days


Updated TCS Digital Test Pattern


TCS Digital-like Test Setting


Note: TCS Digital 2020 Test Pattern has changed (as of July 13th). We have updated the test pattern accordingly below:
Sections Number of Questions Duration (in mins)
English 10 10
Quantitative Aptitude 15 30
Technical (MCQs) 12 25
Coding 1 55
What to Expect?
  • • All the tests in this TCS Digital 2020 package will be based on the updated TCS Digital 2020 pattern.
  • • You will have access to 10 different mock tests for 10 days in a TCS Digital-like platform.
  • • The coding sections can be answered in five different languages: C, C++, Java, Python, and Perl.
  • • Answers can be viewed immediately after the test.

Join the TCS Digital Hub with Us


Buy the TCS Digital 2020 Exclusive 10-Test Package.


Take a TCS Digital-like Mock Test every day for 10 days.


Take re-tests until you gain confident. There you go!

TCS Digital is not something to let go. Let’s chase the 7,00,000 INR job with TCS Digital 2020 Exclusive 10-Test Package.

“A Winner is a Dreamer who NEVER gives up” --- Nelson Mandela
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Why Trust Only Us?

As the whole nation is talking only about the TCS Ninja National Qualifier Test 2020, only we, at PlacementSeason, took TCS Digital equally important.

We have strived hard to devise the TCS Digital Test Package with which you can practice the potential TCS Digital questions in a TCS Digital-like question pattern.This state-of-the-art mock test package will grind you to bring the best out of you. Subsequently, you will become TCS Digital-ready.

Final Push Course:

Some of you would have already bought our TCS Digital 2020 – 10 Tests Package from us. In order to give a final push for those students, we have already activated the “TCS Digital Final Push Course.” Make use of this course to practice with the new TCS Digital 2020 test pattern and ensure your spot in TCS Digital Talent Pool now.