TCS Ninja NQT 2019 for 2020 Passed Outs – Registration Process

Note: The TCS NQT 2020 dates have been changed (postponed as of July 10th, 2019). We have updated the dates accordingly in all our blog posts. All the dates mentioned in our blog posts are in-line with the latest information.

We are getting a lot of queries daily as to how to register for the TCS Ninja National Qualifier Test 2019 that is scheduled to happen on 3rd and 4th August. Yes, without any doubt, you need to be doubly cautious in the registration process because incorrect application submissions will make you miss the test. Last year, around 10% of the students didn’t get their hall tickets for TCS Ninja National Qualifier Test due to incorrect submissions.

Why should you fill the TCS Ninja National Qualifier Test 2020 Registration Correctly?

As mentioned above, it’s important to fill the registration form correctly because incorrect submissions can even lead you to miss the TCS Ninja NQT. For instance, let’s take a GPA entry. You need to enter it correctly up to two decimal points. Those students those failed to do this (say 9 in place of 9.0) may result in the rejection of your application. This is because the TCS system will not be able to read it correctly. So, we need to be extra cautious in filling in the registration form.
In order to facilitate you with the TCS Ninja NQT registration, we have created this article explaining the step by step process of registration. The students are recommended to make use of this article while registering for the TCS Ninja National Qualifier Test 2020.
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Step 1: Go to TCS Ninja NQT Website
Go to TCS Ninja NQT Registration Page by clicking here.
Click on "Register Now."

Step 2: Go to NextStep Website
You are now redirected to TCS NextStep Website.
In this page, click on "Register Now" again.

Step 3:Choose Category
In this step, you should choose your “Category” correctly.

Step 4A: Form Filling
Choose your Title (Mr/Mrs)
Enter your First, Middle, and Last Names
Enter your Date of Birth
Choose your Gender
Note: If you are not able to choose the gender, it indicates that you haven’t selected your Title.
Enter your e-mail address
Note: You are recommended to use your personal e-mail as your college e-mail account may be deactivated after the completion of your degree. ”
Enter your Mobile Number
Enter your College Name

Step 4B: Form Filling
Choose your Qualification:
“Bachelor of Engineering” for B.Tech
“Master of Engineering” for M.Tech
“Master/Bachelor of Computer Applications” for MCA/BCA
Year of Passing: This should be “2020”
Choose Nearest Test Location: For this, choose the nearest location to where you will be on July 20th

Step 4C: Submitting the Application
Note: The password policy in TCS website has an error as the rule, "At least one special character out of these ( !, @, #, $, ^, &, *, ~ )" is listed under: both "Your password must include" and "Your password should not be" sections. This is contradictory.
Enter Password: Choose your password as below:
Your password should have:

  • 8 to 15 characters
  • At least one upper case
  • At least one lower case
  • At least one number
  • At least one of these special characters: !, @, #, $, ^, &, *, ~

Your password should not have:
  • Single or double quotes
  • Space characters
    Your password should not be:
    • A word or jargon
    • Based on personal info or family names
    • Written down/stored online without encryption

    • Choose your security question and add an answer to it.
      Enter the Captcha Code. Click “Submit”
      You will now see a confirmation pop-up, wherein you will have to check the details and click “Confirm”

    Step 4D: Registration Confirmation
    You will see “Thank you for registering with TCS!” message along with the application reference ID to be used during further communication with the company.
    Click on “Continue”

Step 5: Completing the Application

Step 5A: Go to Application
Until now what we did was just account creation. Now, click on “Application Form” to continue completing your application.

Step 5B: Start Filling the Form
In this page, just click on “Start Filling the Form.”

Step 5C: Personal Details
Filling your personal details on this page is quite easy. You should not face any difficulty here. Just make sure that you don’t add 0 or + before your phone number.

Step 5E: Academic and Work Experience (Graduate)
In this page, you will see the Highest Qualifications having already filled. However, cross check once.
For Course Duration, you can enter an approximate date. Although it doesn’t have to be exact, make sure that the total duration is more than 4 years for B.Tech, 2 years for M.Tech, 2/3 years for BCA/MCA based on the course, and 2 years for M.Sc.
Obviously, the end date should be “2020.”
Also, make sure that you choose “Full Time” as part-time isn’t allowed.

Step 5F: Academic and Work Experience (XII and X Grade)
For specialization, choose “Science” or “Commerce”
Enter your “School Name”
Choose your “Board of Schooling”
Enter Course Duration
Note: Make sure that the course duration is not overlapping with the start date of your college.
Here again, the GPA should be correct to two decimal points.
Similarly, fill in the class 10th details as well. In case you have given NAC-Tech, enter those details. Otherwise, select “No.”
You can enter your work experience as well. However, remember that TCS will not accept your application if you have more than a one-year experience.

Step 5G: Declaration
Now read the declaration and choose “yes” or “no” carefully.
Note: For the question of pending backlogs, make sure to select “No.”

Step 5H: Other Details
Before proceeding with this step, make sure you see a green tick on for Personal Details and Academic and Work Experience Details.
Now, in this page, choose the “Languages” you know.
Note: Make sure to select only one language as “Mother Tongue.”
In the “Achievement and Scholarship” section, you are free to enter anything if relevant.
In the next page, upload your recent photo and CV. Make sure that they should be less than 500 kb.

Step 5I: Preview and Declaration
In this final preview and declaration, make sure to select “No” as they are to ask you if you have involved in criminal or malpractices.
Also, in the place where it asks if you have attended an interview with TCS in the past 6 months, you must select “No.”
Finally, you need to tick the “I agree” box to confirm that you accept TCS Terms and Conditions. In the last step, just enter the Place and click on “Submit Application Form.”

Step 5J:Application Submitted
In this page, you will see that your application is submitted.
There you go! We hope this article would have helped with your TCS Ninja NQT 2020 Registration. Now, don’t stop with just registration. Start preparing right away.
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