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TCS Ninja Winning Test Series

Are you attending TCS Ninja Test on September 3rd? Lucky lad you are! We are going to give you the exact TCS Ninja questions exclusively on September 2nd at 7 PM.

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Winning Series Date

Will reveal the exact questions asked in TCS Ninja Test on September 2

Winning Series Time

Show up to practice at 7 PM

Winning Series Ins

2-5 tests comprising actual & probable TCS Ninja questions

Updated test pattern
Sections Questions Timings (mins)
Quantitative Aptitude 20 40
Programming logic 10 20
Coding 1 20
English 10 10
  • • All the tests are based on the Updated test pattern of TCS Ninja.
  • • You will get access to our exclusive collected questions that were asked on September 2nd TCS Ninja Test from all over India.
  • • Additionally, probable questions i.e similar type of questions will be included in the tests.
  • • Practice our winning series questions & make your way to TCS with ease.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are actual questions?

TCS Ninja test - 2nd September slot questions will be collected from the students who attended which will be integrated as tests with correct answers and solutions.

Do I get actual and probable questions for all the sections in the test pattern?

Yes, you will get for all the sections in the test pattern.

What are probable questions?

Based on the actual questions, our Expert team will create similar type of practice questions with correct answers and their solutions.

When can I access the tests?

You can access the tests at 7 PM on September 2nd.