The Greatest Placement Jamboree Homecoming

"Accenture + Capgemini + Cognizant + Infosys + Wipro"

One-Day Sale on Day-1 Companies Test Packages. Show up on August 28th to get Accenture + Capgemini + Cognizant + Infosys + Wipro: 5 Tests Each at 80% Off.

Accenture + Capgemini + Cognizant + Infosys + Wipro
“5 Tests Each (All-in-One Package)”

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What Makes This Year's Placements Difficult?

Accenture Recruitment 2020

Accenture Wheebox/Cocubes test patterns have witnessed a major change this year. The technical evaluation is known to be the toughest ever.

Capgemini Recruitment 2020

Capgemini is planning to hire about 12,000 freshers. Capgemini’s Technical Section is hard to crack, especially the Pseudocodes will get on your nerves.

Cognizant Recruitment 2020

Cognizant is slated to wrap up its placements by 5th of September. Cognizant's Technical Section is the trickiest part. Without adequate practice, you could fail.

Infosys Recruitment 2020

Infosys is likely to kickstart its regular placements from 1st of September. Its DBMS questions and problem statements are known to be the trickiest.

Wipro Recruitment 2020

Wipro plans to double the campus placements this year. Its logical and coding sections are difficult to crack. You will need 70 percentiles in these sections.

What is The Greatest Placement Jamboree Homecoming?

With placements already on your marks, you would be breaking your heads on where/how to practice the new placement test patterns. Whenever you land a placement material provider website, you will find several different packages, each with a different price tag. The general scenario is that you will end up buying separate test packages for each company. As a student, it won’t be easy for you to keep spending your pocket money on these test packages.

What if you can get the Accenture + Capgemini + Cognizant + Infosys + Wipro Tests in one shot? What if you can get all these tests at 80% lesser price? A reason to celebrate, isn’t it? That’s THE GREATEST PLACEMENT JAMBOREE HOMECOMING. The Jamboree Sale is Back with a bang; now with a more attractive offer.

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The Greatest Placement Jamboree Homecoming on August 28th

We, at PlacementSeason, are well-known for providing value for money. We have been providing numerous tests packages with maximum accuracy and highest relevancy. However, we didn’t want to stop with just that. We took pride in celebrating the Greatest Placement Jamboree on August 7th and was successful in spreading the aura across all borders.

Now, we are back with a bang! Placements aren’t the reason for stress or frustration. It’s the reason for joy and celebrations! We are here to prove it once again. Start celebrating your placements!

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