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Accenture (5 Tests) - Aspiring Minds

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     •      Accenture (Aspiring Minds) - 5 Tests package will contain 5 Accenture Company Specific Mock Tests based on the Aspiring Minds pattern.

     •      The recruitment process of Accenture has two rounds: Written test & Personal interview.

     •      Accenture Aptitude tests section has no negative marks and sectional cut offs.

     •      The current written test pattern consists of  75 questions and the maximum time limit is 95 minutes.

     •      The test is of adaptive type where the difficulty level automatically gets modified according to each student’s ability.

     •      Time plays a vital role here, though there are no negative marks. 

     •      Students need to remember that they can proceed to the next section only after completing the one on hand.


  This test will expire on 31-05-2020


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DISCLAIMER • All the test packages sold are meant only for the purpose of practice and PlacementSeason doesn't have any connections with any of these companies. • PlacementSeason doesn't guarantee the test pattern and questions to be same in the actual companies tests. • All the tests are prepared based on the feedback from our users based on their past experience.