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Freshdesk (3 Tests)

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  • Freshdesk - 3 Test package will contain 3 Freshdesk Company Specific Mock Tests based on their test pattern and previous year questions.
  • There will be 4 rounds of interview:
    • 1st : Online Coding
    • 2nd: Technical 1
    • 3rd: Technical 2
    • 4th: Managerial and HR 

This test will expire on 31-05-2019


Step 1: This is an Online Test Package and the respective test can be taken at the portal 

Step 2: After purchasing the package you will receive an E-Mail with your login details.

DISCLAIMER • All the test packages sold are meant only for the purpose of practice and PlacementSeason doesn't have any connections with any of these companies. • PlacementSeason doesn't guarantee the test pattern and questions to be same in the actual companies tests. • All the tests are prepared based on the feedback from our users based on their past experience.